NYFW “Bling it on!”

NYFW 3 Christian-Cowan-Fall-21-credit- vogue blk beige horizontal.jpg

Designer Christian Cowan surveyed his customers and discovered that they longed for extravagant homewear and not sweatshirts and leggings as one might guess. Maybe after almost a year of staying at home, social distancing, isolation and quarantine we secretly wish for some flashy frocks and razzle-dazzle. But it’s not a secret anymore. “Bling it on!” New York Fashion Week, take us away!

The designer’s new “fashion film,” starring Saturday Night Live comedians Bowen Yang and Chloe Fineman, showcases his collection. You don’t want to miss it; it’s too funny. Watch it here.

NYFW 3 -Christian-Cowan-Fall-21-vogue mens purple cropped.jpg

Comedian Bowen Yang works it for the camera in a purple sequined lounge set. Christian Cowan. Credit, vogue.com.

NYFW 3 Christian-Cowan-Fall-21-vogue orange tight cropped.jpg

Orange boots/tights as decadent loungewear. Christian Cowan. Credit, vogue.com.

NYFW 3 Christian-Cowan-Fall-21-vogue pink dress cropped.jpg

Perhaps not for your next Zoom meeting, but definitely has it’s possibilities. Christian Cowan. Credit, vogue.com.

NYFW 3 nicole-miller-RTW-fall-21-credit-metallic pants vogue cropped.jpg

Nicole Miller brings back the beat with Mod metallic details. Credit: vogue.com.

NYFW 3 nicole-miller-RTW-nicole Miller vogue jumpsuit cropped.jpg

If you’re thinking of indulging in one of the current trends; yes, jumpsuits, this could be the one. Modern, industrial silhouette and lots of shine. Nicole Miller. Credit, vogue.com. Watch the brand’s video here.

00005-Bevza-Fall-21 wht and crean top NYFW 3 vogue cropped.jpg

Innovative approach to a cape that becomes part of the sleeve. Designer Svetlana Bevza takes a contemporary, minimalist direction. Credit, vogue.com.

00013-Bevza-Fall-21 NYFW 3 cream beige stripe skirt vogue cropped .jpg

Understated elegance in soft peach and cream knitwear. Bevza. Credit, vogue.com.

NYFW 3 Vivienne Hu puffer w lav collar nyfw dot com (2) cropped.JPG

Puffer coats were seen in many collections. This one from Vivienne Hu stands out with a luxurious lavender fur collar.

NYFW 3 Vivienne Hu print wrap kimono NYFW dot com (2) cropped.JPG

Exotic printed kimono style jacket by Vivienne Hu.

NYFW 3 Gabriela-Hearst-Fall-21-poncho cropped.jpg

Handknit poncho or ruana, (another trend) with a patchwork quilt flair. Gabriela Hearst. Credit, vogue.com.

NYFW 3 Gabriela-Hearst-Fall-21-credit-blk dress w white vogue.jpg

Magnificent pieced full length leather dress by Gabriela Hearst. Credit, vogue.com.

NYFW 2 Badgley-Mischka-Fall-21 women, man cropped.jpg

Badgley Mischka ivory evening gown with elegant tie straps and delicate embroidery.

NYFW 2 Badgley-Mischka-Fall-21 sequin gown cropped (2) use this.jpg

Sleek column gown covered in dramatic sequins. Badgley Mischka. Watch their charming video here.

NYFW 3 C plus series video glitter gown (2) si-fi video.JPG

This is what they’ll be wearing on the moon next season. C+Plus Series takes a sci-fi approach presenting their stylish collection on another planet. All images here are captured from their entertaining video. Watch it here.

NYFW 3 C plus series video teal gown (2) cropped.JPG

This ensemble would look chic on Venus. C+Plus Series.

NYFW 3 c plus series video man woman (2) cropped.JPG

“Beam me up Scottie.” C+Plus Series.

NYFW 3 C plus series video check coat mirror (2) cropped.JPG

Other worldly beauty. C+Plus Series.

NYFW 3 C plus series video close-up floral jkt (2) cropped.JPG

Fine detailing defines the C+Plus Series collection.

NYFW 2 Zimmerman runway youtube (3) Praire perfect.JPG

Sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmerman, masters of the Prairie Perfect look.

Zimmerman NYFW 3 sleeve details youtube video (2) cropped.JPG

Stunning attention to the smallest details, Zimmerman.

NYFW 3 Zimmerman 2 models yellow (2) cropped.JPG

Trend alert: Canary yellow turned up on just about every runway. If this color doesn’t work for you, add it as an accent; a handbag, shoes, headband, jewelry. Note the chic wide leg trousers. Zimmerman.

Zimmerman pink dress cropped NYFW 3.JPG

Rock that dress. Cascades of floating pink discs create a sensuous perpetual motion. Zimmerman.

NYFW 3 Zimmerman full video (2) full collection cropped.JPG

Should you watch only one NYFW video, this has got to be it. Simply fantastic. Watch it here.

If there’s one phrase we can use to sum up New York Fashion Week, it would have to be, “love is in the details.” This is why we are devoted to fashion. See you in Milan, coming up!

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