Beauty Tech Live responds to savvy shoppers with smart ‘etailing’

THE Beauty Tech Live virtual expo has taken clear aim at up to 3,000 savvy shoppers amid 30 exhibitions while featuring a roster of 35 speakers in a five-day digital extravaganza that concludes this Friday 16 April, and in its first foray all of it online.

Launched on 12 April by the Paris-based international business-to-business BW Confidential publication in association with the Moodie Davitt Report, the expo has put together brands and retailers in a virtual environment that is all about the customer journey end product, the media exposure that drives consumer trends and the e-commerce required to make it work.

The expo is a response to the rapidly changing virtual terrain brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic as consumers have shifted from bricks-and-mortar shopping and grown confident in online purchasing power. What was glaringly absent in the past, the ability to decide on sensory purchases such as fragrance has been solved in a demonstration at a conference where ‘smell-o-vision’ has become a touchscreen reality.

“Covid has fundamentally shaped how consumers connect and interact with brand and retailers,” said Revieve online beauty and health commercial platform CEO and Co-Founder Sampo Parkkinen. “At Beauty Tech Live you can browse around and get a fresh perspective on how a brand or retailer can leverage technology and digital solutions to drive the value delivered to an audience.”

The birth of the new consumer Beauty Tech Live expo has given a firm nod to declining print media impact on retail sales and the comparative rise in online shopping. In a shift away from print ads sparked by the pandemic, online retail – or ‘etail’ – has responded to fill the consumer gap, the only caveat being in ad copy with a minimum of three images.

“Simply put, media has over time been wired for etail,” said MMI Analytics founder and CEO Christian Eckley. “But what we are seeing more recently is that ‘etailers’ are being wired for media.”

In other words, smart brands are evolving to adjust from traditional print media advertising to online marketing in response to consumer-driven shopping moving very much online in response to the pandemic.

Added BW Confidential chief editor Oonagh Phillips, “The digital acceleration of the beauty industry in the past year has been obvious (and) we hope you get the most out of Beauty Tech Live, that your business meetings are fruitful and that you walk away inspired.”


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Image credits: Beauty Tech Live

Kim Mullahey

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