Nothing calls for a picnic more than the change of season.


Image Credit Mungo  |  Personalise your chosen spot with this gorgeous picnic blanket by Mungo


Image Credit Mungo  |  Vibrant colours in this throw by Mungo

Whether it’s a fresh Spring morning in the Northern Hemisphere or a balmy Autumn afternoon in the Southern half of the world, there’s something about the subtle change in temperature and quality of light, and nature’s cheery response to these changes that make us want to be outside and take an active part in these wondrous happenings. And few social events are more joyous than a picnic in a lovely outdoors spot, shared with friends.

Image Credit @celebrateparties, @rosemaygirl, @justfoodsa, @naqiyah_mayat  |  A picnic on the beach – Picnic baskets by Thatcher House

So, arrange your picnic blanket and unpack your cucumber sandwiches, avocado and artichoke tapenade and champagne. Tie a ribbon around your floppy sun hat and sport your flavour-of-the-month Seventies sunglasses. Lie back and enjoy the comfort of the lush lawns, the shade of the tall trees overhead, the smell of freshly cut grass, the sweet aroma of the lavender and roses … and should you opt to picnic by the sea, indulge your senses in the fresh ocean spray and relaxing sounds of the waves crashing on the beach.


Image Credit Thatcher House.  |  A tasselled picnic basket by Thatcher House and fringed pumps by Coast and Koi


Image Credit Wolfgat  |  A picnic selection by famous Wolfgat restaurant – named best restaurant in the world 2019

We’re adamant to make your picnic something utterly memorable and are convinced a little selection of perfect, hand-embellished picnic baskets and delicious artisan handbags (to house your sunnies, Polaroid and lipstick) will add exponential quality to the experience. We’re throwing in some gorgeous hand-woven picnic blankets and everything else that’ll make your picnic planning dreamy.


Image Credit Skinny Laminx  |  The cheeriest napkins for your sunshine picnic! By Skinny Laminx


Image Credit Missibaba  |  Summer floral sling bag by Missibaba


Image Credit Missibaba  |  A beautiful and handy tote bag for all your picnic essentials by Missibaba


Image Credit Thatcher House  |  Basket bag by Thatcher House with supporting pumps by Coast and Koi


Image Credit Tegan Smith Photography |  Byzantine Crown basket bag by Thatcher House and regal pumps by Coast and Koi


Image Credit Thatcher House  |  Colourful pom-pom baskets by Thatcher House


Image Credit Thatcher House  |  Fruity tasselled basket bag, what a feast! By Thatcher House


Image Credit Missibaba  |  Rainbow bag by Missibaba


Image Credit Missibaba  |  Harlequin tasselled bag, delightfully vibrant. By Missibaba


Image Credit Missibaba  |  Tropical pineapple bag, so perfect for a sunny day feast! By Missibaba


Image Credit Crystal Birch  |  Scorching red straw hat by Crystal Birch


Image Credit Crystal Birch  |  Sandy straw hat by Crystal Birch


Image Credit Crystal Birch  |  Fantastic floral and polka dot fabric hat by Crystal Birch


Image Credit Skinny LaMinx  |  Essential reading gear for the sun. Fabric hat by Skinny LaMinx


Image Credit Ashanti  |  Fancy a picnic in your backyard? A delicious spread is underway! Cushions, rug and throws by Ashanti.


Image Credit Mungo  |  Wrap up in natures soft colours and yarns. Waffle throw by Mungo


Image Credit Mungo  |  Magic carpet ride into nature. Waffle Vrou Vrou throw by Mungo

I’ll leave you with a few fun picnic facts: Did you know that in the 18th Century picnics were a favourite pastime of the aristocracy and that they were hosted indoors? And in the 19th Century in France picnics were seen as morally decadent and wicked? In fact, Eduard Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (1862-3) depicted a rather scantily clad female swimmer and a nude woman sharing a picnic with two fully dressed young men in the woodlands. How scandalous!


Image Credit Google Arts and Culture  |  Eduard Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (1862-3)

Things have indeed moved on, so to speak, picnic wise. Today we may not necessarily have root beer and cold tongue sandwiches in our goodie hamper – it’s more likely to be hummous, beetroot & coleslaw wraps and chilled Chenin Blanc, but one thing is for sure, come rain or shine (preferably shine!), as long as there are friends to share our picnics with, we’ll keep picnicking!

Whichever shape your picnic takes – whether your chosen location is the beach, a botanical garden, an open-air movie theatre, a music festival or simply your back garden, I hope your al fresco dining experience brings you much joy!



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