HWD Daily – Why Are the Daytime Emmys So Weird?

Why Are the Daytime Emmys So Weird?

The Daytime Emmys: How do they work? David Canfield delves into that question in HWD today, detailing how a seemingly straightforward ceremony has become a clearinghouse for a variety of streaming projects—which may not technically air during the day (or any specific time), but do have justification for being classified where they are. “Maybe the real question,” he adds, “is why we’re automatically considering so many of these other contenders as primetime in the first place.”

Elsewhere in HWD, Richard Lawson finds little thrill in Disney’s spotty Cruella, while Rosemary Counter tells the tale of the much edgier real-life screen siren who inspired the studio’s villainess; Richard also digs into the renovation-show streaming boom; and Joanna Robinson lets fly one last Mare of Easttown theory, in advance of Sunday’s finale.

They Could’ve Been Contenders

The streaming wars have fully arrived in categories once fully dominated by soap operas, and now Will Smith has the chance to beat Michelle Obama for an Emmy.
R E A D M O R E »


No Evil Thing

The origin-story Cruella, starring Emmas Stone and Thompson, fails its iconic character—and its audience.
R E A D M O R E »


Stranger Than Fiction

Blasted in Hollywood for “moral turpitude,” Tallulah Bankhead never became quite as famous as Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, or Joan Crawford. Yet Bankhead’s wicked alter ego may outlast them all.
R E A D M O R E »


Open Plan

America’s obsession with home renovation is a cash cow for streamers—though the neighbors might complain.
R E A D M O R E »


Watch Out for Ryan

Is Ryan Ross, a tormented kid on the fringes of Mare of Easttown, actually the key to everything?
R E A D M O R E »

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