UNICEF Ireland – an update from India

My name is George Laryea-Adjei, I am UNICEF’s Regional Director for South Asia and I am emailing you today to ask for your urgent support.

The scenes we are witnessing in India are unlike anything our region has ever seen before. Patients’ family members are pleading for help as the country struggles with an acute shortage of medical-grade oxygen.

Health workers are being pushed to the brink of exhaustion and we are facing a real possibility that our health systems will be strained to the point of collapse – leading to even more loss of life. jacqueline, will you help send urgently needed supplies of oxygen?


Your life-saving donation can help purchase 1 Oxygen Generation Plant to provide enough oxygen for a 500-bed hospital with enough oxygen to treat severely ill COVID-19 patients. A gift today will save lives now and for years to come.


As cases continue to rise, critical supplies are becoming even more scarce. We urgently need more support. Please donate to save lives and continue the fight against COVID-19.

Thank you,

George Laryea-Adjei
UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia

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