What to wear out on 17th May!

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This is what you can wear on May 17th

We are hurdling towards the date! Everyone here in the UK will know, and will have been looking forward to having that little bit more freedom to invite friends and loved ones (max 6) into their homes to long awaited catch ups, but also lets not forget that we will be able to eat indoors too! No more shivering outside braving the Great British weather over a G&T!

But what to wear! The all important question! As we won’t have to properly wrap up in our layers and Teddy coats (in MAY!?!). We have put together three looks that will be perfect for that first date night out or the first get together with the girls.

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Dress / Shoes / Bag

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Jumpsuit / Shoes / Bag

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Skirt / Top / Shoes / Bag

Melanie Grace

Melanie Grace Fashion Editor and Publisher for Pynck

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