London Calling, Digital Fashion Week 2022

London Fashion Week was a major focus on all aspects of sustainable fashion with collaborations and discussions, all taking place in a digital format. Watch the videos and see if this innovative information inspires you to re-examine your version of fashion.

London Fashion Week 6-21 Auroboros digital youtube.JPG

Digital Fashion by Auroboros. Watch their amazing video here.

London fashion week 6-21 Auroboros 3 models digital youtube (2) cropped.JPG

Digital Fashion fits everyone, by Auroboros, a hyper-tech fashion brand whose motto is “create your own fashion fantasy.” Their Biomimicry Digital ready-to-wear collection video, entitled, “History in the Making” redefines the concept of fashion. The digital fantasy apparel is called “Innovative Augmented Reality Clothing.” These bio-mechanical-looking creations are blends of nature and technology; sci-fi party fantasy gear.

London Fashion Week 6-21 Auroboros man in water digital youtube (2) cropped.JPG

Mermen are real. Believe. Digital fantasy fashion by Auroboros.

London fashion week 6-21 Auroboros digital headpiece youtube (2) cropped.JPG

Gorgeous digital headpiece by Auroboros.

London Fashion week 6-21 Auroboros digital rain boots youtube (2) cropped.JPG

The coolest digital rain boots you will ever not wear. Auroboros.

London fashion week 6-21 Started w video Everything is Temporary youtube.JPG

Kicking off the event was the Official Digital Opening presented by the British Fashion Council. Their video is entitled, “Everything is Temporary.” Watch the video here.

London Fashion week 6-21 Generation Rewear youtube video sustainable (2) cropped.JPG

Generation Rewear is at the forefront of a sustainable fashion revolution. Watch this important video here.

London fashion week 6-21 generation rewear clothes last longer.JPG

Generation Rewear video.

London Fashion Week generation Rewear video difference 6-21.JPG

Generation Rewear video.

London fashion week 6-21 generation rewear vintage clothing.JPG

Recycling vintage fashions. Generation Rewear video.

London Fashion week Bethany williams recycled garments 6-21 cropped.jpg

Bethany Williams is a socially concerned designer who has used components of recycled clothes made by jail prisoners to craft her collections. Watch the video, “All our Stories,” a video based on her work of The Magpie Projects, a grassroots organization in East London, a charity that supports homeless and at-risk women and children.

London fashion week 6-21 Charlotte Knowles 3 mdeols blk wht pants insta (2) cropped.JPG

Avant-garde British designer Charlotte Knowles uses cast off fabrics to create cutting-edge apparel.

London Fashion week 6-21 Charlotte Knowles 4 models insta (2) cropped.JPG

Body hugging silhouettes by Charlotte Knowles, London.

London fashion week 6-21 Charlotte Knowles 3 models blk pants insta (2) cropped.JPG

Charlotte Knowles pieces are collected by fashionistas around the world.

London Fashion week Charlotte Knowles 6-21 3 models gold pants insta (2) cropped.JPG

Assertive dressing. Charlotte Knowles.

London fashion week Charlotte Knowles Bella Hadid top Insta.JPG

Bella Hadid rocks the look in Charlotte Knowles.

London Fashion Week 6-21 Qasimi video gold top.JPG

Innovative gold button down top by Qasimi. Filmed in a lovely garden, watch the video here.

London fashion week 6-21 Qasimi video texture jkt men.JPG

It’s all about the texture. Men’s fabulous taupe hoodie by Qasimi.

London FW 6-12 Fiona Oneill pants.JPG

Bustier and wide trousers by Fiona O’Neill.

London fw 6-21 fiona oneill skirt.JPG

Knit skirt and bustier by designer Fiona O’Neill.

London FW 6-21 Feng Chen Wang mens (2) cropped.JPG

Innovative pattern mix in the menswear collection of Feng Chen Wang.

London FW Feng Chen Wang cut out top mens 6-21 (2) cropped.JPG

Attention grabbing cut-out menswear top by Feng Chen Wang.

London FW Dunhill mens color 6-21.JPG

Dunhill presented vibrant floral textiles for the menswear collection.

London FW Dunhill mens trench 6-21.JPG

A cummerbund outside the trench. Dunhill.

London fw Ange Kuzmickaite boots 6-21.JPG

Above the knee rainbow boots and bodysuit by Ange Kuzmickaite.

London fw Ange Kuzmickaite rainbow trench 6-21.JPG

Must have rainbow trench coat by Ange Kuzmickaite.

London fw 6-21 Hanna Fiedler back.JPG

Elegant back view, Hanna Fiedler.

LOndon fw Hanna Fiedler woven jkt 6-21.JPG

Magnificent jacket detailing by Hanna Fiedler.

London fashion week 6-21 Discovery Lab hair and make-up video (2) cropped.JPG

Discovery LAB behind the scenes hair and make-up with Toni&Guy. Watch the video here.

London FW 6-12 Alighieri Jewellery bracelets (2) cropped.JPG

An impressive stack of hand crafted stunning gold bracelets by Alighieri Jewellery.

London FW 6-12 Alighieri Jewellery necklace (2) cropped.JPG

Brilliant gold necklace fashioned by hand using a sustainable lost wax process, Alighieri Jewellery.

Innovation was promoted along with new sustainable initiatives to the global climate crisis at London Fashion Week.

Watch for our upcoming reports focusing on the originality and creativity of new designers who are working on sustainable fashion; coming soon!



Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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