Three designers, 3 journeys: CHANEL’s Punk and Mod-inspired ensembles transport us to beautiful Provence, DIOR MEN’s preppy pieces make us wish for a journey on the elegant Orient Express and CHRISTOPHER JOHN RODGERS’ joyful frocks simply celebrate the wondrous journey of life, wherever we are.


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A flapper-style lime green dress – at Christopher John Rodgers



Macrame fringed mid-riff-baring top and fringed cape fit for the modern nomad. A trademark Chanel handbag completes the ensemble – at Chanel.

For highlights of Chanel Resort 2022 watch:

Lavender maribou feathers deviate from the black-and-white palette at Chanel. The fishnet stockings, chain belt and pointy Mary Janes speak of both Punk and Mod – at Chanel

Virginie Viard’s Resort 2022 collection for Chanel’s was nothing short of breathtaking in every respect. The graphic, predominantly black and white (excepting the odd powder pink and lavender touch here and there) Resort 2022 collection was filmed as a runway show in the uber atmospheric cave-like enclave of the the Carrières de Lumières (Quarries of Light) in Les Baux in the painterly Provencale town of Les Baux.

The spectacular setting of the Quarries of Light – at Chanel, as captured off the runway video

Unmistakably Chanel: a cheeky quilted velvet bolero ensemble finished off with an archetypical Chanel belt piece – at Chanel

A crocheted and beaded cape and feathered tiara – at Chanel

The spectacular setting of the Quarries of Light – at Chanel, as captured off the runway video

Models strutted their stuff cascaded down from architecturally sculptural staircases in a deserted, excavated, chalky-coloured space, blue skies above and trees peeking over the ‘runway’. This setting provided a stage – ancient yet modern – that served to offset the monochromatic collection in unbeatable fashion. (Incidentally, artist, poet and filmmaker Jean Cocteau used these very quarries for his soul-stirring 1960s film The Testament of Orpheus.)

A watercolur patchwork palette in this floaty dress. The black accessories, fishnet stockings and cascading necklaces give the look a slightly tougher edge – at Chanel

The collection offered its fair share of tried-and-tested Chanel trademark paraphernalia – the two-tone trims, boucle tweed boxy jackets, short pencil skirts, the iconic gold-chain-and-leather handbags, the double-chain belts, the camellias – all unmistakably Chanel. But there was a piece of more recent piece of fashion history interwoven into this collection too –Punk Rock and even some Mod elements were clearly visible in the skirts with their frayed edges, black fishnet stockings, dog collars, black macrame capes, leather fringing and pointy 1960s-inspired Mary Janes. One cannot help but reminisce over the halcyon days of the late supermodel and Chanel muse Stella Tenant and her piercings. She will have fitted into the story of this collection seamlessly!

A ‘bandaged’ layered look in this crisp white harem pants and transparent top ensemble. We love the cuffs! – at Chanel

The collection wasn’t all hard at the edges – dreamy ivory and cream floor-sweeping dresses with models sporting a flower as accessory, flaired A-line skirt and midriff-baring tops in subtle shades, watercolour-effect pastel dresses, floaty black-and-white floor length dresses, charcoal and white kaftans (delightfully ‘old school’ Resort!) also made their diaphanous debut on the chalky floors of the Quarries of Light.

Now that’s elegance for you! A floaty pure white kaftan dress with daring décolletage and gorgeous voluminous sleeves – at Chanel

A punk-inspired fringed leather skirt, pointy ankle boots and fishnets – at Chanel

The obligatory boucle tweed jacket and miniskirt with frayed hem – at Chanel

The spectacular setting of the Quarries of Light – at Chanel, as captured off the runway video



Kim Jones’ Resort 2022 collection for Dior Men oozes preppy elegance. Colourwise, chestnut brown, milk chocolate and caramel are supported by classic grey and charcoal, with the occasional injection of some dirty blush pink to offset the deeper shades beautifully. This uber luxe collection, perhaps more understated than Jones’ previous offerings at Dior, serves to showcase classic, traditional Dior flawlessly, and then, effortlessly, makes the transition into elegant loungewear and funky sportswear.

A classic suit in chestnut brown, its trousers voluminous and long, its jacket belted – ready for an urban safari! – at Dior Men

Striking leopard print knit pieces – a cardigan in sage green and roll neck jumper in natural leopard. The blush pink trousers and trim on the cardigan make for a delicious colour combo – at Dior Men

A safari-inspired jacket and classic shearling aviator worn with full trousers and trainers – at Dior Men

Milk chocolate and dirty blush pink – combination made in heaven! Note the cute belt bag – at Dior Men

Sportswear with a super elegant twist – overly long and full trousers, velour polo neck, designer trainers, flask and sports bag – at Dior Men

Slacks are roomy and ultra generous in shape and casually overhang shoes to give a super elegant, modern and relaxed feel to even the more formal ensembles. Classics like shearling jackets, bomber jackets, double-breasted (often belted safari-style), gilets, polo neck jumpers and knee-length coats rub shoulders with sporty hoodies, colour-block jumpers and stylish jacquard-knit cardigans. Designer trainers with their oversized CD logos are seen in every shape and form and accessorize the outfits, serving to give the collection an even more preppy feel.

An explosion of colour reminiscent of Kaffe Fasset – at Dior Men

The injection of colour into some of the knitted pieces makes for a wonderful contrast with the demure neutrals. In particular, a leopard print knitted jumper shows off its blush pink trouser counterparts to great effect. A similar feat is the chunky knit sage green leopard print cardigan with its blush pink trims – a combination made in heaven! Blood red flowers exploding over a navy jumper – reminiscent of the work of Kaffe Fassett – is another striking piece of knitwear in this range, and no doubt will sit equally well with any of the generously cut trousers in this stunning collection.

Classic Dior with coat, scarf and bag – at Dior Men

No Dior show would be complete without its share of accessories, and elegant bags of all sizes (it is a Resort collection after all!) featured in many of the looks. The Lingot bag, for example, is shaped like a bar of gold and offers a slot for Apple’s AirTags, making them traceable in case of theft – how’s that for technological advancement and aesthetics all in one product! Don’t you think that’s worth buying into? (Hint, hint…)



A rainbow of colour across a grungy rib knit – at Christopher John Rodgers

A kaleidoscopic technicolor dress with fabulous proportions – at Christopher John Rodgers

Colour! Shape! Volume! This collection makes you jump for joy in its confident, life-celebrating vibrancy. Make no mistake, Christopher John Rodgers doesn’t design for demure wallflowers. Kaleidoscopic rainbow coloured prints rub shoulders with pinstripes, plaid and tartan, piped in the brightest green and zesty orange neon, psychedelic florals complement shimmery velour, all to joyful effect.

A bustiere and voluminous horizontally striped trousers – at Christopher John Rodgers

In a collection where lime green competes with grungy rust and oversized rainbow sequins drip off a slinky backless dress it’s quite all right for just about every rule in the book of colour to be broken. And you know what? It works!

A flamenco-inspired dress – at Christopher John Rodgers

A lime green double breasted puffer coat – at Christopher John Rodgers

This is a visceral collection that speaks to the core, it’s a collection that women who love Rodgers have come to expect and adore. The distorted and oversized voluminous shapes of some of the pieces are a contrast to the figure-hugging pieces like the standout piece of the collection, the vampish lime green Twenties-inspired velour dress with its handkerchief-esque bust. A body hugging zesty orange trouser suit oozes elegance and glamour – cool and classic in shape perhaps, but sizzling hot in colour!

A sizzling hot trouser suit – at Christopher John Rodgers

An elegant knitted dress with colour bursting from the pleats – at Christopher John Rodgers

A voluminous skirt of interesting proportions – at Christopher John Rodgers

Chanel takes us on an epic journey to the South of France, Dior Men presents us with a collection that makes us pine to pack our trunks and head for the Orient Express and Christopher John Rodgers, well … I suspect most his collection will be far more at home in a beach bar in Ibiza or on the red carpet than in the office.

A rainbow of sequins adorns this body-hugging dress – at Christopher John Rodgers

In my books, these three collections do exactly what they set out to do: entice us into the relaxing, the elegant, the glamorous, the luxurious and even the sporty side of old-fashioned vacationing. After all, these are RESORT Collections! Book those seats and pack those designer bags full of designer goodies. What are you waiting for?

A plethora of colour in this layered frilly dress – at Christopher John Rodgers

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