Paraiso Miami Swim Week, 2021-22


Turn on the air conditioner; it’s time to indulge in the steamy, sultry glory of the best swimwear parade on the planet. Miami Swim Week.

B fyne Miami Swim 7-21 4 models horizontal (2) cropped.JPG

Primal passion. B Fyne swimwear, by superstar Buki Ade, Nigerian American fashion designer. OMG, this swimwear may be too hot to handle!

B fyne miami swim on log 21.JPG

Exotic colors, patterns and cut-out silhouettes that will turn heads on any beach. B Fyne.

B fyne miami swim 21 2 models blue (2) cropped.JPG

Plain just won’t cut it anymore. Stunning swimwear by B Fyne.

B fyne miami swim 21 flowing sheer kaftan cropped.JPG

Glorious sheer kaftan, B Fyne.

B Fyne bikini insta miami swim 21.JPG

Calling all Goddesses. Python print bikini by B Fyne.

9 seed ombre 2 models summer dress Miami swim cropped.jpg

9seed creates blowsy, delicate summertime dresses that can’t wait for a gentle breeze. In lovely, sunset hued ombre shades that look picture perfect against the baby blue ocean.

9seed 2 models tie dye miami swim 21 cropped.jpg

Boho pretty and in the tie-dye trend that never fades, by 9seed.

9seed green overalls miami swim 21 cropped beach gypsy.jpg

Beach gypsies in lime green linen overalls. 9seed.

Anais leopard wrap miami swim 21 cropped.jpg

Anais & Margaux sophisticated leopard ensemble.

Anais orange i pc miami swim 2021 and blue cropped.jpg

Modern one piece by Anais & Margaux.

ANAIS rose bikini miami swim 21 cropped.jpg

Madeline Rose Textured Bikini, Anais & Margaux.

anais beige high waist miami swim 21 cropped.jpg

Francoise Brown Gold Glitter Textured High Waist Bikini by Anais & Margaux.

Anna Kosturova handknit shorts miami swim 21 (2) use this.JPG

Handmade crochet shorts with intarsia pattern and coordinated crochet top. Inspired by the vibrant colors of the artisan markets of Morocco. Anna Kosturova.

Monokini Anna Kosturova aztec miami swim 21.JPG

On the fringe, handmade crochet Rainbow Aztec Monokini by Anna Kosturova.

Rainbow flower halter top Anna Kosturova miami swim 21.JPG

Sweet handmade floral halter top by Anna Kosturova.

Cult Gaia Shoulder Adriana Degreascolab miami swim 21 cropped.jpg

Adriana Degreas, a top Brazillian swimwear designer collaborates with Cult Gaia to craft this Tropical One-Shoulder Swimsuit With Hoops.

Adrianna degreas miami swim 21 gold shell top cropped.jpg

Golden Coquillage Top, Adriana Degreas.

carolina socias 2 pc miami swim 21 cropped.jpg

High-cut silhouette bottom with cut out in the side. Adorable Monte Cristo print by Carolina Socías.

Carolina socias goat miami swim 21 cropped.jpg

Been looking for a goat swimsuit? Your search is over! Bubie one piece by Carolina Socías Beachwear, a high-end resort brand that pays tribute to culture, nature and diversity. Inspired by the Caribbean lifestyle, produced in the Dominican Republic.

red ruffle Boamar miami swim 2021 cropped.jpg

Attached ruffle mini bottom with asymmetrical ruffled bikini top is all about drama. Boamar.

Blk top flared slvs Boamar miani swim 21 (2) cropped.JPG

Bikini top with flared sleeves and deep neckline. Boamar.

pink mens shorts crasi miami swim cropped.png

Pink swim shorts for men by Crasqi.

CRASQI mint green swim mens miami swim 21 cropped.jpg

Seafoam green men’s swim shorts, Crasqi.

B Fyne insta back view miami swim 21 (2) the end.JPG

We’ve come to the end of our top looks from Paraiso Miami Swim Week. We hope you’ve been inspired by the incredible diversity of colors, textures and innovative silhouettes. I had to give you just one more bikini from B Fyne.

It’s time to hit the beach! Enjoy!

Miss bikini US miami swim 21 cropped (2) use this.jpg

Natalie Romano, Miss Bikini United States.


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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