Chef Supper Club brings Michelin star dining home

A NEW virtual dining experience is set to debut this September when the Chef Supper Club launches its online cinematic home theatre experience.

Virtual events from September will produce a blend of live culinary interaction of favourite dishes from origin to creation and inspiration from the doorstep to the home kitchen and dining table, conceived and curated by internationally renowned, home-grown Michelin star chefs. The Chef Supper Club will offer three home experiences including ‘Bring the Restaurant Home’, ‘From Scratch’ and ‘Potions’ all offering the opportunity to grow new skills and improve knowledge with the experts.

“We want to deliver a Michelin star experience but also want to be able to have the opportunity to showcase the most creative people working in food and beverage today,” said Michelin star chef and Chef Supper Club co-founder Damien Grey. “If this describes you then we want to bring your vision to a completely new audience.”

All locally sourced where possible Chef Supper Club ingredients can be delivered at home or collected at the Dublin headquarters

Viewers of the new culinary experience can bring the restaurant experience home from next September by booking online with chefs taking part at, which is set to include Ciaran Sweeney, Grainne O’Keefe, Mike Tweedie, Killian Crowley and Enda McEvoy. Ahmet Dede, Haleigh Whelan, Aishling Moore and Sommelier Catherine Bell will also take part in the new cinematic concept in the culinary arts.

Bring Michelin star cooking to a whole new level at home and enjoy food conception and curation in a cinematic experience

Currently available across Dublin (Dublin 1-Dublin 24), boxed orders can be delivered directly at home while all orders can be collected from The Chef Supper Club headquarters in Blackrock, Dublin.


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