MERCEDES-BENZ BERLIN FASHION WEEK Spring/Summer 2022 Day 1 and 2

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On Day 1 and 2 BERLIN FASHION WEEK Celebrated the Allure of Molten Metallics and Bold, Exotic & Exuberant Prints.


All Image Credit Berlin Fashion Week and Instagram



Bold metallic make-up – at Fashion Open Studio

Berlin’s much anticipated SS 2022 Fashion Week kicked off with aplomb right in the centre of the German capitol at a renovated former power station – the industrial, ambient Kraftwerk Berlin on Köpenicker Straße, with over 40 designers lined up to present their sustainable new season’s offerings, some as flashing-lights-and-red-carpet traditional shows, some in hybrid/film format and others in showrooms open to buyers and the public.

Running in parallel was a host of panel discussions, focus groups, conversations, debates and forums focusing squarely on the key issues of the moment surrounding fashion: sustainability, transparency in production and costing, innovation, digitization and the circular economy. A delicious hive of all things fashionable with a social conscience! What’s not to like?


There was no shying away from colour! – at Fashion Open Studio


Golden metallic lips – at Fashion Open Studio

In the light of the ethos of Berlin Fashion Week SS 2022 we thought it befitting to kick off with two sustainable Fashion collections that blew our minds: Grandma Would Approve and Rianna and Nina.


Reconstructed jacket – at Grandma Would Approve (Image sourced on Instagram @grandmawouldapprove)

Grandma Would Approve is one of those endearing labels that has universal appeal. The duo behind the brand – an inspired fashion designer and talented stylist – share a deep love for vintage, recycling and fashion. What they create are wearable pieces of art, no less. We’re fully on board with this brand’s philosophy of repurposing and giving old pieces a new lease of life, all-in-all, we’re besotted with the fabulous end products!


Jeans with an ethical twist – at Grandma Would Approve (Image sourced on Instagram @grandmawouldapprove)


Contours created by clever cutting and patchwork – at Grandma Would Approve (Image sourced on Instagram @grandmawouldapprove)


Kaleidoscopic brilliance – at Grandma Would Approve (Image sourced on Instagram @grandmawouldapprove)

The vibrant creations of Rianna and Nina filled us with such joy! Owners Rianna and Nina share a love for colour and vintage and are creating the most covetable pieces by repurposing, recycling and sometimes using vintage inspiration to fashion new pieces, with a delicious retro feel to them. These pieces are often one-offs and are on sale in some of the world’s most sought-after retailers like Matches Fashion and Net-a-Porter.


Recycle kimono – at Rianna and Nina (Image sourced on Instagram @riannaandnina)


Florals and stripes – the joie de vivre factor is sky high! – at Rianna and Nina (Image sourced on Instagram @riannaandnina)


Recycled splendor – at Rianna and Nina (Image sourced on Instagram @riannaandnina)


Sixties psychedelia – at Rianna and Nina (Image sourced on Instagram @riannaandnina)

Another highlight of the shows was without a shadow of a doubt young Austrian designer and Dries Van Noten protégé Florentina Leitner’s collection. With her eye fixed firmly on the sustainable side of fashion, Florentina Leitner’s ethos is to avoid wasteful mass-production and to utilize dead stock materials, in the process making heirlooms that’ll last generations to come. Her collection named Vacation On the Moon celebrates her native Austria while paying homage to space travel, as seen in the different blue hues and shiny metallics. Just imagine journeying to the moon in one of Florentina Leitner’s space suits with their puff sleeves, moon patterns, ostrich feather trims and delicate floral prints! Space travel has never looked this appealing!


A jacket fit for a moon landing – at Florentina Leitner


Crushed florals in fuchsia, in this ruched dress – at Florentina Leitner


An off-the shoulder sheath in dusty rose – at Florentina Leitne


A rose for Spring! – at Florentina Leitner

I’ VR Isabel Vollrath’s SS 2022 collection was shown at a Kraftwerk Berlin that was transformed into an exotic jungle complete with rainforest sounds and the promise of a prowling jaguar or tiger pouncing onto the catwalk at any point in time! The digitally printed bold textiles – all luxurious and sustainable – are a mad frenzy of spectacular shades and combinations that make you want to book that holiday to a far-flung tropical jungle without further ado. Floor-sweeping couture ballgowns, beautifully tailored jackets and coats, dapper trousers and quirky shirts were all part of this delightfully more-ish collection.


A sweeping emerald green jungle print tunic – at I’ VR Isabel Vollrath


Orchids, ferns and Delicious Monsters all in one ensemble – at I’ VR Isabel Vollrath


A symphony of greens – at I’ VR Isabel Vollrath


A delightful Fifites-style dress in black and white also got the I’ VR Isabel Vollrath touch


A sweetheart neckline in this LBD – at I’ VR Isabel Vollrath

Killian Kerner’s collection is a glamourous affair, full of dazzling glitzy ensembles, much glitzy gold and luxe camel, black and the shade of moment, chartreuse. The pieces are sleek and relaxed, often with sheer layering and intricate layers of metallic and lace. Floor-sweeping, body-hugging dresses rubbed shoulders with transparent tulle gowns, diagonal chevrons embellished a stunning bomber jacket on the catwalk – posh has never been this glamourous and enticing! A true celebration of life after lockdown.


A black and silver chevron bomber jacket – at Killian Kerner


A chartreuse, frilled ensemble perfect for Spring – at Killian Kerner


Transparent tulle – at Killian Kerner


Perfection in this semi-transparent, shiny metallic woven Fifties-style sage green dress with its puff sleeves – at Killian Kerner


Cutouts in this striking metallic body-con dress – at Killian Kerner

Danny Reinke created a collection that is unmistakably Spring-like, feminine and flirtatious – from the use of predominantly yellows and greens to the sunny, floral prints and soft fluffy tulle used in many of the ensembles. This collection, titled Botanical Affair, set out, according to the designer, to “explore the creative field of eroticism” and most certainly achieved just that! Jaw-droppingly gorgeous ballgowns were shown alongside corset tops, flowery co-ords, Fifties skirts, puff sleeved shirts and oversized collars. A show-stopping moment was when a dreamy virginal wedding gown made its debut on the catwalk, inviting all Spring brides to the party!


A fluffy Spring chick! Layers of softest yellow tulle – at Danny Reinke


Pure perfection in this 3-piece suit in shiny electric green – at Danny Reinke


Metallics ruled the roost! – at Danny Reinke


A little black dress gets the equestrian treatment – at Danny Reinke


A visual feast – at Danny Reinke


A striking silhouette with puff sleeves in hessian linen – at Danny Reinke


Did you say Spring? – at Killian Kerner


Electric green metallics on the catwalk – here in a full-skirted balcony style dress – at Danny Reinke


Spring bride alert! – at Danny Reinke

We’ll leave you with this exquisite last look from Day 1 and 2 of Berlin Fashion Week SS 2022, which, no doubt will fill you with the desire to find an exotic getaway destination somewhere on the planet to sport one of these beauties from I’ VR Isabel Vollrath.


At I’ VR Isabel Vollrath


Cecile Paul

Author at Pynck

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