Milan Fashion Week Surprises, Spring/Summer 2022, Versace, Armani, Ferragamo and More

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Talk about a fashion shock! Donatella designs for Fendi and Fendi designer Kim Jones designs for Versace. What is the fashion industry coming to? Oh, it’s called collaboration. What a beautiful world.

versace runway s-s 2022 youtube milan 9-21 horizontal image (2) cropped.JPG

Donatella Versace knows how to ignite the fashion industry and throw us a curve ball. Kim Jones of Fendi designed Versace and Donatella designed Fendi. They each designed 25 looks for their “rival” brands. The runway was packed with celebrity models. Can you identify them? Image captured from the Versace runway video. Watch it here.

Milan 9-21 kim Jones and Donatella Versace vogue (2) cropped.JPG

Kim Jones of Fendi and Donatella Versace take a bow after their runway show. Donatella called the collaboration a “Fashion Frankenstein” and labeled the partnership “swap” collection “Fendace.” Image:

fendi and versace collaboration milan 9-21 fendi.jpg

You know this “Fendace” tote will be a collector’s item. Image:

Milan 9-21 versace lime grn vog cropped.jpg

Versace neon green chain mail mini. Open seams held together with colorful iconic safety pins. Image:

Milan 9-21 versace turq dress vog.jpg

Nobody does bodycon like Donatella. Image: Versace.

Milan 9-21 versace mensweat pants vog.jpg

Versace. The trademark Versace fabric has a hidden Fendi logo print. Image:

Milan 9-21 versace cur off coat vog.jpg

Versace. Cut off jacket with safety pinned mini. Image:

Milan 9-21 versace orange shine gown.jpg

Versace. No wallflowers need apply. Cut open garments, glowing, neon colors and plenty of skin. Image:

Milan 9-21 versace peek-a-boo stockings vog.jpg

Versace. Peek-a-boo stockings. Image: Exposing what used to be covered is part of the design.

Milan 9-21 versace make-up vog.jpg

Versace. Bold neon make-up, Image:

Milan 9-21 for restless sleepers 3 models for horizontal vog cropped.jpg

For Restless Sleepers, glorious loungewear that crosses over to partywear. Image:

Milan 9-21 for restless sleepers red vogue.jpg

For Restless Sleepers. Image:

Milan 9-21 for restless sleepers 2 pc floral vogue.jpg

Spectacular loungewear that would look striking at any elegant event. Image: For Restless Sleepers.

Milan 9-21 for restless sleepers blue vogue.jpg

For Restless Sleepers brand crafts magnificent apparel, sumptuous accessories, (their silk scarves are swoon-worthy) and opulent homewear, (you will not believe their pillows and quilts.) Image:

Milan 9-21 for restless sleepers lake como vog cropped.jpg

Très chic for a get together at the palazzo on the shore of Lake Como, Italy. For Restless Sleepers. Image:

Milan 9-21 armani silver woven top w skirt vog.jpg

Understated elegance, by the Maestro of Italian fashion, Giorgio Armani. Image:

Milan 9-21 armani grey suit vog.jpg

Silver suit with full, gathered trousers. Classic Giorgio Armani. Image:

Milan 9-21 armani nautical vog.jpg

Nautical look. Giorgio Armani. Image:

Milan 9-21 armani halter top tranparent pants vog.jpg

Soft shades of pearl grey and blue in a bubble skirted halter top with sheer trousers. Giorgio Armani. Image:

Milan 9-21 armani pink suit vog.jpg

Smart, sophisticated, yet still relaxed. That’s Giorgio Armani. Image:

Milan 9-21 armani open lg slv blue top vog.jpg

The trend throughout all of the fashion weeks we’ve seen? Sexy, sultry, exposing more than covering. Lots of transparent fabrics and cut outs. This is how Armani does the trend. He is the master of savoir faire. Giorgio Armani. Image:

Armani at his show Milan 9-21 from armani website.jpeg

Since 1975 Giorgio Armani has been creating dreams that men and women want to wear. Watch his runway show here.

Milan 9-21 sergio rossi shoes model blk, milan cropped.jpg

Why are Italian brands known for the finest shoes in the world? Sergio Rossi, made-in-Italy luxury footwear. Watch the video here. Image:

Milan 9-21 sergio rossi shoes, blue, milan cropped.jpg

It doesn’t really matter if you can walk or not when footwear becomes sculpture. Image: Sergio Rossi.

Milan 9-21 sergio rossi shoes, pink milan cropped.jpg

Footwear taken to another level of incredible. Sergio Rossi. Image:

Milan 9-21 ferragamo gold strips vog cropped.jpg

Fettuccine style ribbons created by Ferragamo. Image:

Milan 9-21 ferragamo tiger women vog cropped.jpg

Tiger print romper by Ferragamo. Image:

Milan 9-21 ferragamo baby blue ballon top vog cropped.jpg

Voluminous sleeves and a buckled trouser at Ferragamo. Image:

Milan 9-21 Ferragamo wht vog cropped.jpg

Asymmetrical silhouette with cut outs, drapery and an elegant line. Ferragamo. Image:

From demure to decadent, Milan Fashion Week delivers delicious Italian delights! Mangia!

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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