Best New York Halloween Events and Wildest Costumes

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Be scared. It’s Halloween, time for all the ghouls to come out in NYC.

Halloween 2021 3 models horizontal use this.JPG

Androids, UV black light glow skeletons and warbots. Badinka.

Halloween 2021 Taj lounge monster w head croppe.jpg

New Yorkers just love to party with zombies. Taj Lounge annual Halloween event.

Halloween 2021 Taj Lounge monster costumes cropped.jpg

All sorts of creatures come out to celebrate at the Taj on Halloween. The Taj Lounge is a restaurant, lounge and event space on West 21st Street, NYC.

Halloween 2021 skeleton girl badinka.JPG

Charming skeleton girl. Badinka Costumes.

Hallloween 2021 badinka purple zombie pop art.JPG

Purple pop art zombie. So cute; if you’re another zombie, that is. Badinka costumes.

Halloween 2021 Badinka silver man.JPG

Silver man. Yikes! Badinka.

Halloween 2021 Badinka silver man back.JPG

Silver man from the back. Badinka.

Halloween 2021 Badinka junk Food.JPG

Junk food apocalypse. High fat and high sodium? Now this is really frightening. Badinka.

Halloween 22021 Ghost boat Brooklyn.JPG

Halloween on the water event. Nautical ghosts are encouraged to attend.
Brooklyn Army Terminal, 80 58th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Halloween 2021 ghost bride yandy cropped.jpg

Perfect costume for the Ghost Boat ride, a spooky ghost bride by Did you notice her skeleton tiara?

Halloween 2021 Davy Jones etsy cropped.jpg

What do you think of this incredible costume for a midnight Halloween boat ride around Manhattan Island? Davy Jones inspired by the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film. By CenobiteFX.

halloween Rogue pirate yandy.jpg

Rouge pirate, (or is that vogue pirate?) Yandy.

Halloween 2021 gentleman pirate feist-fashion.JPG

Gentleman pirate frock coat by Feist-fashion.

Halloeween 2021 gentleman piate tailcoat feist fashion (2) cropped.JPG

Another gentleman pirate, this one in a tailcoat. Feist-fashion.

Halloween 2021 steampunk gothic bride feist fashion (2) cropped.JPG

Dark Gothic apparel and Steampunk are popular Halloween looks. Feist-fashion.

Halloween 2021 couple goth early 19th century feist fashion.JPG

Gothic coordinating couples costumes by Feist-fashion.

Halloween 2021 p and J fun world couple amazon (2) cropped.JPG

Another couples costume with a slightly different flavor. Peanut butter and jelly by Fun World.

Halloween 2021 muscle cheat fun world.JPG

Here’s a costume that will impress the ladies. Fun World.

Halloween 2021 alien abduction zone amazon.JPG

Inflatable costumes are always fun. Here’s a crazy alien abduction one from MH Zone.

Halloween 2021 devils heaven rooftop party ny cropped.jpg

Rooftop bar ny halloween 230 fifth cropped.jpg

230 Fifth Ave. is New York’s most famous rooftop bar. What a fantastic location for a Halloween party!

Halloween pharoah costume Yandy.jpg

Egyptian Pharaoh costume might be a tad chilly for a rooftop party, but it’s so worth it! Yandy.

Halloween 2021 Legolas elf dress art mystery etsy cropped.jpg

Inspired by everyone’s favorite elf, Legolas, from “The Lord of the Rings” fame. Dress Art Mystery.

Halloween 2021 etsy victorian on horse cropped.jpg

Take a horse up to a rooftop bar in a Victorian corset gown? In NYC no one would even blink an eye. Dress Art Mystery.

Halloween 2021 18th century garden gown.jpg

Stunning 18th century style embroidered garden gown by Atelier Saint-Honore.

Halloween 2021 18th century gowns pastoral cropped.jpg

If you ever considered dressing up like Marie Antoinette, these 18th century pastoral dresses a la Paysanne ballerina are a fashion fantasy. Atelier Saint-Honore.

Halloween 2021 purple ren gown dress art mystery etsy cropped.jpg

Magnificent lavender 15th century Italian Renaissance dress by Dress Art Mystery.

What’s the best thing about Halloween? Your fashion fantasies can become fashion realities. Be creative and enjoy!


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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