ISTANBUL FASHION WEEK Spring/Summer 2022 Day 1 and 2

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On Day 1 and 2 ISTANBUL FASHION WEEK Celebrated Colours as Deep and Alluring as the Black Sea, Textiles that Beg to be Touched and Shapes that are Perfect for a Romantic Sundowner Overlooking the Bosphorus.


All Image Credit Istanbul Fashion Week



Image Credit Istanbul Fashion Week

Istanbul Fashion Week kicked off with a thoroughly wicked selection, featuring 30 of the country’s top designers showcasing their Spring/Summer 2022 collections. In line with their European counterparts, designers threw caution to the wind and celebrated a new, sensual take on clothes. This season’s trend of celebrating skin in all its gloriousness continued, to our delight! After months of being stuck indoors where we resorting to the dreaded ‘L’ word – ‘loungewear’, designers in London, Milan and Paris created frocks that couldn’t be any shorter, tighter, more transparent and body hugging. Istanbul followed suit, whoop, whoop!

Designers pulled out all the stops when it came to colour, shape and of course glamour. After all, we’re in one of the most romantic and alluring cities in the world! On Day 1 and 2 at Istanbul Fashion Week in true style we were treated to an unadulterated celebration of the senses: beautifully deeply saturated, exotic colours were reminiscent of the ripe aubergines, figs and pomegranates of Marmara and the Turquoise water of Antalya. Paler pastels reminded one of the delectable peaches and nectarines from Izmir, some fabrics were as fragile as watercolour stains, making their appearance in the shapes of strappy summer frocks and blouses.

If the colours were almost edible, the Turkish textiles didn’t disappoint either: from a region where wonderfully diverse and subtly textured textiles originate from came home-woven embroidered lace and drapey silk, lightweight, hand-loomed cotton, muslin, linen and sumptuous satin. Hand-painted and block-printed yazma and tie-dyed ikat fabric were just some of the traditional crafts that Turkey is world-famous for, on display to feast our eyes on in the collections.

There were a few very distinctive trends that made us sit up and take notice on Day 1 and 2.

We’ve done the legwork for you, sit back and enjoy the eye candy!



Various designers opted for long, dramatic dress offerings, pieces that one can picture at any of the city’s many idyllic formal restaurants or at one of the many romantic rooftops enjoying early evening cocktails overlooking the spectacular Bosphorus. Mert Erkan’s characteristically avant-garde collection of mostly short and sharp statement dresses ended with a spectacular semi-transparent bougainvillea purple maxi dress that blew us away.

Watch Mert Erkan’s show here:

Nihan Peker’s collection oozed with decidedly retro Sixties-inspired modern glamour. Her designs are bold, volumunous and super elegant and we adore the fearless use of bright colours together with the appliqued daisies in this collection. Bring on Spring 2022!

Watch Nihan Peker’s show here:

Cigdem Akin’s super feminine, sexy collection with its clashing fabrics – silk, canvas, poplin and crepe – is timeless and seasonless. We adore the gold accents on all the pieces, particularly on the spectacular standout piece in the collection: the white floaty draped silk tulle ballgown.

Watch Cigdem Akin’s show here:

Dilek Hanif’s sculptural pieces are classic, simple and romantic. Her masterly crafted pieces are worn by celebrities all over the world, no wonder she’s considered Turkey’s cultural ambassador!

Watch Dilek Hanif’s show here:


A striking bougainvillea-shaded ballgown – at Mert Erkan


A classic lemon yellow kaftan – at Nihan Peker


Draped tulle and gold accents – at Cigdem Akin


A sculptural classic – at Dilek Hanif


Pleats and drapes – at Dilek Hani


A daisy-embellished leaf-green kaftan – at Nihan Peker


Sexy asymmetrical drapes and hood – at Dilek Hanif


Tiered volume – at Nihan Peker



Ozlem Erkan’s fluid, super wearable pieces are wonderfully retro in shape and in their surface patterns: babydoll dresses in pastel shades are reminiscent of the psychedelic Sixties, wide-piped slacks of the Seventies and an art deco flower pattern speaks of the Twenties.

Watch Ozlem Erkan’s show here:

Y Plus by Yakup Bicer’s colourful take on streetwear is nothing short of inspired. The mottled, marbled pastel prints as well as the gritty camouflage prints are modern and sharp, the sportswear shapes youthful and exciting.

Watch Y Plus by Yakup Bicer’s show here:

Niyazi Erdogan has created a collection that is quintessentially Spring-like, with florals and pastel prints in pieces that are easy to wear and flatteringly elegant. We particularly loved the men’s pale blue denim coat-ensemble with its red accents.

Watch Niyazi Erdogan’s show here:

New Gen by IMA is a platform founded by Istanbul Moda Academy, designed to showcase and professionally support up-and-coming young designers. As can be expected from young designers, the work is experimental, deconstructivist and delightfully avant-garde. Various designers opted to work in the most delightful pastel shades, with the addition of bright accents – bring on Spring 2022!

Watch New Gen by IMA’s show here:

Arzu Kaprol’s rainbow-coloured wrap dresses and kaftans were some of the standout pieces of Day 1 and 2 of Istanbul SS 2022 Fashion Week. We absolutely adore the pastel handkerchief dresses, the stripy tunics and cheery scarves.

Watch Arzu Kaprol’s show here:


A Seventies-inspired strappy pastel suit – at Ozlem Erkan


Watercolour-prints – at Y Plus by yakup Bicer


A classic trench in pale blue denim – at Niyazi Erdogan


Rainbow-coloured wrap dresses – at Arzu Kaprol


Gorgeous pastel shades – at New Gen by IMA


Pastel prints with sharp accents – at New Gen by IMA



Wonderfully deep, saturated shaded textiles were favoured by designers in their SS 2022 collections. Dice Kayek’s collection, for example, is full of sculptural and architectural pieces that were shot in a befittingly theatrical setting. We love the peplums and tiered skirts – very covetable indeed!

Watch Dice Kayek’s show here:

Ozlem Erkan’s chartreuse coats, dresses and blouses with their pocket and ruched details are the perfect Spring / Summer wardrobe staples whereas Y Plus by Yakup Bicer’s royal blue streetwear-inspired suits, maxi dresses and track suits are sophisticated, avant-garde and forward-thinking. Cigdem Akin’s classic, asymmetrical dresses are fit for the lkes of Greek goddesses!


A forest green tiered dress – at Dice Kayek


Chartreuse splendor – at Ozlem Erkan


Royal blue streetwear – at Y Plus by Yakup Bicer


A deep rust strappy dress – at Cigdem Akin


A cutout chartreuse dress – at Cigdem Akin



With the new celebration of the skin in many of this season’s global collections – from London to Milan and Paris, it is little wonder that designers have opted to include ‘nude’ as a shade of choice. Stalwart Turkish designer Mehtap Elaidi’s exquisite collection of very distinctive prints mixed with her trademark embroidery and trimming accents is a design feat. In fact, her nude V-back collar/train with its red trim is nothing short of spectacular.

Watch Mehtap Elaidi’s show here:

Arzu Caprol is yet another designer who favoured nude shades. Her sunray pleated blouses and kaftans are must-have pieces for summer. No wonder her designs are worn by the likes of Giselle Bundchen, Meg Ryan and Milla Jovovic.


Classic nude shades in this kaftan – at Arzu Kaprol


A deep V-back dress – at Mehtap Elaidi


Sunray pleasts in this flattering kaftan dress – at Arzu Kaprol


A nude pleated blouse and cowboy boots – at Arzu Kaprol


A classic coat gets the tassel treatment – at Mehtap Elaidi



We absolutely adore the cheery, almost edible summery prints on Niyazi Erdogan’s dresses, men’s slacks, swimwear and blouses and again, the young designers of New Gen by IMA wowed with their choices of printed textiles and innovative embroidery whereas legendary designer Mehtap Elaido’s marbled prints and embroidered and cut-out surface textiles are in a class of their own.

Lug Von Siga’s collection is the perfect mix of a good measure of Turkish culture & heritage together with a forward-looking, modern approach. The crisp cotton dresses, beautifully embroidered and adorned, are delightful heirloom pieces.

Watch Lug Von Siga’s show here:


Edible prints on this swimsuit – at Niyazi Erdogan


Cheery prints – at New Gen by IMA


Summer prints and embroidery – at Niyazi Erdogan


Traditional prints and embroidery – at Lug Von Siga


Printed easy dresses – at Arzu Kaprol


A stunning printed skirt – at Mehtap Elaido


Traditional embroidery – at Lug Von Siga


Surface embellishments – at New Gen By IMA


Endearing prints – at Lug Von Siga


A standout piece with its embroidery and cut-outs – at Mehtap Elaido


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