We have all experienced a hectic schedule where you don’t get a minute to yourself for personal admin or just the feeling of general cba for the faff of washing our hair, especially if it requires styling afterwards. So we have recapped the 5 best ways to still look and feel your best even when you don’t have time to do the whole palaver. We do highly recommend showering every day, however!

1 . The slick back bun. She’s elegant, she’s chic, she does not need clean hair to shine – in fact, the longer you hold off, the better the hold. For the Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner slick back look it is about parting the hair in the middle and managing to scrape it all back into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Keep two strands on your hairline outside of the ponytail. You will then scrape these back trying to keep them as close to the parting as possible, which will create a natural facelift. Use Ouai pomade to strap down any flyaways or Larry King Haircare Fly Away With Me Kit to achieve the ultra-sleek look.

Equally, using Olaplex No.3 on your hair and brushing back into a ponytail will give you the same effect and is a hair mask so double win! The next step is to twist the ponytail into a bun of your choice and secure it with another hair tie, potentially more glamorous scrunchie. Hairspray to keep everything in place and check it is all secure. You are DONE.

2. Good old-fashioned plait. You can do a gorgeous French braid down the back of your hair for a pulled back and instantly gorgeous hairstyle that doesn’t rely on having clean hair. Equally, if you don’t know how to do a French plait you can just copy hairstyle 1 but instead of finishing in a bun, you plait the ponytail to give yourself a dynamic look.

3. Want to keep your hair down? Dry Shampoo and cool blow dry. Dry shampoo is the godsend of allowing you to squeeze one more day out of your hair wash, simply spritz into the areas you feel are greasy and watch as the texture rises. Brush first, spray second as you don’t want it to go flat. Then a cool once over with a hairdryer just to give it some volume and you are good to go!

4. Accessories. A great option and fun opportunity to crack out your whacky clips, hair grips, boujie hair accessories to distract away from the fact you are not sporting fresh locks. Try Accessorize, Zara, H&M for all of the fun accessories that you can experiment with and compliment your personal style. You can use silk scarves from Zara to cover the roots of your hair and leave the rest tumbling down and no one would know! Pin the scarf with bobby pins and then use Ouai texturising spray to amp up the hair that is remaining down and being seen and you are good to go. Equally, keep it simple and do a classic bun with some gorgeous gold clips for a glamorous look.

5. Half Up – Half Down. Another classic when you are in a pinch. Enough to hide the grease but also doesn’t mean you have to commit to a slick back look if that is not your vibe. Here it is all about maintaining texture so dry shampoo, don’t over brush, use a texturizing spray or you can use the Ouai matte pomade for texture too and simply divide your hair into two sections top and bottom. Tie up the top half in a mini ponytail and pull out a few bits at the front to make sure it doesn’t look too tight. You can also add in a few curls with a curling wand should you so wish.

And there you have it. 5 fabulous ways to avoid a bad hair day!

Sarah Cameron

Author and Social Media Correspondent

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