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Heineken Lagos Fashion Week Spring 2022 Presented Copious Quantities of the Very Best of Nigerian (and African) Fashion. There was an Abundance of Bold Colour, Iconic Local Prints and Inspired Contemporary Craft.

Image Credit Heineken Lagos Fashion Week and Stephen Tayo for the Vogue Street Style Images


Inspired hair and make-up – at Echoes From Austria


Rhinestones and beads – a backstage moment

The highly anticipated Heineken Lagos Fashion Week kicked off at 100 miles per hour. Lagos, the Nigerian fashion capitol and melting pot for innovative African design, heaved with palpable excitement around four jam-packed, sensational days in celebration of the Nigerian and of the greater African fashion industry, with an extensive schedule of all things creative and contemporary.

Apart from the incredible array of runway shows and presentations, there were umpteen fashion initiatives and networking opportunities, like Fashion Focus Africa – a platform for discovering fresh new talent and Fashion Focus Fund, where the emphasis was squarely on the exchange of information and access to the market. There was a series of informative and interactive business talks too, and of course there was ‘Green Access’ – with the focus on all things environmentally friendly and sustainable within fashion. To top it off there were workshops and master classes for budding film makers as well as designers showing their collections in showrooms. One wouldn’t expect any less from this fashion-conscious mecca.

Then there was one of the main stars of the show – the heaving Lagos itself, home to almost 20 million people, throwing the most unforgettable after-show parties! It was a networking frenzy filled with numerous business opportunities and in turn provided maximum exposure for designers, buyers, retailers and wholesalers.

Needless to say, the street style around Fashion Week was a fashion event in its own right! Bold and cheerful, bright and uber creative fashionistas rocked up to see the shows and be part of the fashion frenzy. Hair & make-up and accessories were out of this world.

So, without further ado, let’s kick off with sensational street style to give you a flavour of Lagos during the four days of Heineken Lagos Fashion Week.

See for yourself what all the fuss is about! Here’s a snapshot of the colourful and phenomenally inspiring Lagos Fashion Week. Enjoy the spirit of all things creatively African, be bold, be inspired!


Image Credit Stephen Tayo for Vogue (https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/the-best-street-style-at-lagos-fashion-week-spring-2022)
Colourful prints, hair & make-up


Image Credit Stephen Tayo for Vogue (https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/the-best-street-style-at-lagos-fashion-week-spring-2022)
Chartreuse frilly sleeves and fabulous accessories


Image Credit Stephen Tayo for Vogue (https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/the-best-street-style-at-lagos-fashion-week-spring-2022)
Typical African printed textiles


Image Credit Stephen Tayo for Vogue (https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/the-best-street-style-at-lagos-fashion-week-spring-2022)
Shell embellishments on this suit


Image Credit Stephen Tayo for Vogue (https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/the-best-street-style-at-lagos-fashion-week-spring-2022)
A fabulous maribou hat


Image Credit Stephen Tayo for Vogue (https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/the-best-street-style-at-lagos-fashion-week-spring-2022)
Elegance personified: basket earrings are the perfect accessory!


Image Credit Stephen Tayo for Vogue (https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/the-best-street-style-at-lagos-fashion-week-spring-2022)
Beautiful asymmetry


Image Credit Stephen Tayo for Vogue (https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/the-best-street-style-at-lagos-fashion-week-spring-2022)
Love the emerald stilettos!


Image Credit Stephen Tayo for Vogue (https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/the-best-street-style-at-lagos-fashion-week-spring-2022)
An African printed suit


Lagos Fashion Week Creator Spotlight: Chuchu Ojekwe (@chuchuojekwe) for photography, styling, and creative directing


Emerald green and gold – Impressions of Lagos in the run-up to the shows


A Vibe Called Tech – building creative bridges between Africa and the rest of the world


Behind the scenes, hair by Lush


Lagos Fashion Week street style was BOLD!

Orire wowed with a collection of beautifully tailored, exotic silks and linens in strappy sundresses, asymmetrical sheath dresses and figure-hugging skirts whereas Echoes From Austria’s stunning, slightly vintage-inspired prints, their contrasting simple plain textiles and rich embellishments on pieces with elaborate sleeves – feathers, rhinestones and beading on brocades – were nothing short of awe-inspiring. The fabulous prints and avant-garde, easy-to-wear designs from Orange Culture also left us speechless!

Watch Echoes From Austria’s show here:


Bell sleeves – at Orire


An asymmetrical mini dress – at Orire


A symphony in pink – at Orire


Strappy sundresses – at Orire


Feathers and richly embellished brocade – at Echoes From Austria


Prints, corsets and accented sleeves – at Echoes From Austria


Beautifully printed and embroidered textiles – at Echoes From Austria


A virginal white maxi dress – at Echoes From Austria


Brocade, sequins and lace – at Echoes From Austria


Tassels, layering and leggings in this ensemble – at Orange Culture


Side slashes reveal some skin – at Orange Culture


Gorgeous prints – at Orange Culture


A printed dress over olive silk trousers – at Orange Culture


Fishnet sleeves and sequined embellishments – at Fashion Focus Designer Elfreda Dali


An elegant belted shirt and trouser ensemble – at Fashion Focus Designer Niuku Original

El Tayeb presented a digital offering that was inspired by the traditional and astonishingly creative basket weave tradition of Africa. Hats resembled baskets and baskets resembled hats! – all in all an eclectic mix of military paraphernalia and indigenous techniques, all beautifully accessorized. We adored Pepperrow’s use of colour, stripes, tie-dye technique and the naïve drawings on their printed textiles. The tangerine and shocking pink tailored suits were also rather magical! Talking of tie-dye, Nkwo’s flattering and super comfy dresses in bold indigo and tangerine cotton were pretty desirable too!

Watch El Tayeb’s show here:


At A mix of things military and traditional – at El Tayeb


A naïve print on this colourful shirt – at Pepperrow


Stripes and tie-dye – at Pepperrow

pic 1

Bold colour and naïve prints – at Pepperrow

pic 2

Tie-die voluminous cotton dresses – at Nkwo

Maliko’s shoes are works of art, and super comfortable to boot. The iconic footwear brand digitally presented a beautifully filmed offering, showcasing their handmade shoes.

Wanda Le Photo’s pastel pinstripe and plaid shirt-and-trouser suits were a play on the traditional large shopping bags that are so well-used all over the African continent – a tongue-in-cheek tribute to one of the ultimate work horses of Africa.

Watch Maliko’s show here:


A speckled leather comfy sandal – at Maliko


A sandy pump – at Maliko


Super comfy platforms – at Maliko


Love the plats! At Maliko

pic 3

A celebration of the iconic plaid shopper! At Wanda Le Photo


Stripes! At Wanda Le Photo

Sultry and exotic, a sexy celebration of the female figure are the designs by Iwade: midriff-baring tops and dresses in earthy colours flattered and accentuated their wearers. A total contrast to Iwade’s creations were those of Iamisigo: fringy, crocheted dresses, skirts and tops were worn over crisp cotton trousers, with the option of customizing these by untying them when needed and creating an alternative outfit. Iamisigo’s range also included some fabulous footwear. EKI Silk presented a very sophisticated resort range of idyllic kaftans and playsuits in bold printed silks.

pic 4

Midriff-baring ensembles – at Iwade


An elegant and sexy dress – at Iwade


Fringing, crochet and cotton – at Iamisigo


A customizable pair of cotton trousers – at Iamisigo


Memorable footwear – at Iamisigo


On the runway – at EKI Silk


Silk kaftan – at EKI Silk


A cheeky silk playsuit – at EKI Silk

A sportswear brand with a very elegant take on things athletic is Gozel Green, characterized by their wonderful mix of avant-garde tailoring, smart colour-blocking, oversized basket weave details and sportswear-inspired stripes and numbers.


Stripes and tailoring – at Gozel Green


Numbers, colour blocking and basket weave – at Gozel Green


Appliqued embellishments – at Gozel Green


Goodbye from all at Lagos Fashion Week!

Cecile Paul

Author at Pynck

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