Fiji Fashion Week, Exotic Beauty in the South Pacific

Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 breathtaking islands. It’s renowned for sparkling coral reefs, gorgeous palm lined beaches and vibrant fashion design.

Fiji FW 11-21 Horizontal image.JPG

Elegant couple; woman in animal print gown, man in sulu with matching short sleeve shirt, Tracey Farrington. Colorful maillot with coordinated pareo, 8 Mountains, Fabulous jacket that packs a punch of bold color, Masei. All images credit: Fiji Fashion Week.

Fiji FW 11-21 KuiVit girl w turban off shldr (3) cropped.JPG

Many of the designs reflected a reference to dazzling Polynesian textiles and traditional silhouettes, such as this off the shoulder bula dress with turban by KuiViti Pacific.

Fiji 11-21 KuiVit collar dress cropped.jpg

Lovely trench with a magnificent embellished collar, similar to the lei presented to Meghan Markel when she visited Fiji. KuiViti Pacific.

Fiji 11-21 Megan Markle in Fiji floral collar lei  cropped.jpg

Meghan Markel, Duchess of Sussex, wearing a glorious lei gifted to her upon her arrival to Fiji. Image:

Fiji 11-21 8 mountains brilliant gown cropped.jpg

Designer for the 8 Mountains brand, Moira Solvalu presented striking, contemporary looks for onboard the yacht or a stroll along the beach.

Fiji 11-21 8 mountains colorful gown cropped.jpg

Paradise perfect attire, 8 Mountains.

Fiji 11-21 8 mountains blk wht dress cropped.jpg

Bodycon plunging neck gown by 8 Mountains.

Fiji 11-21 8 Mountains swimwear on boat cropped.jpg

8 Mountains, sexy swimwear.

Fiji 11-21 8 mountains mens tropical  sulu  from her website cropped.jpg

8 Mountains, men’s tropical sulu.

Fiji FW 11-21 Ellen Whippy orange dress  cropped director.JPG

Ellen Whippy-Knight, Managing Director of Fiji Fashion Week.

Fiji 11-21 Jacque whippy elegant column dress cropped.jpg

Elegant column gown in funky graffiti print by Jacque Whippy.

Fiji FW 11-21 Jacque Whippy print dress, bag cropped.jpg

Three quarter sleeve shirt dress by Jacque Whippy.

Fiji 11-21 jacque whippy polka dot top pants cropped.jpg

Unexpected mix of patterns create an exuberant, flamboyant look. Jacque Whippy.

Fiji 11-21 jacque whippy navy lg skirt cropped.jpg

Smart navy full leg trousers, Jacque Whippy.

Fiji 11-21 Aqua blu australia blue wht shorts cropped.jpg

Nautical bishop sleeve blouse with crisp white shorts, Aqua Blu Australia.

Fiji 11-21 aqua blu australia mens swim bikini cropped.jpg

Men’s swimwear in a tropical print. Aqua Blu Australia.

Fiji 11-21 aqua blu australia women long pants cropped.jpg

Blue paisley print bikini top and full leg trousers create easy, chic beachwear. Aqua Blu Australia designer Kristian Chase.

Fiji FW 11-21 aqua blue mens swim (2) cropped.JPG

Men’s swim set as seen in the Aqua Blu Australia video. Watch it here.

Fiji FW 11-21 Hupfeld Hoerder Design gold skirt over skirt.jpg

Hupfeld Hoerder Designs. Striking evening ensemble.

Fiji FW 11-21 NV Designs yellow top wht shorts cropped.jpg

Sunny yellow cascading ruffle top and neat white shorts. NV Designs. Casual and oh so cool.

Fiji 11-21 NV Designs blue wht ruffle cropped.jpg

Asymmetrical island drama. NV Designs.

Fiji 11-21 NV Designs red top w mini cropped.jpg

Tiny ruffled crop top and sweet sarong by NV Designs.

Fiji 11-21 NV Designs blue 1 slv dress cropped.jpg

Exceptional dress for a sunset cruise or cocktails under the stars. NV Designs.

Fiji 11-21 Tracey Farrington pants cropped.jpg

Tracey Farrington designs sultry looks for a Polynesian paradise.

Fiji 11-21 Tracey Farrington blk wht back model cropped.jpg

Tracey Farrington. Poolside panache.

Fiji FW 11-21 Tracey Farrington 2 models colorful cropped.jpg

Tracey Farrington. Multicolor floral prints seem to sing in the sun.

Fiji FW 11-21 Tracey Farrington mens sulu blue w women cropped.jpg

This couple rocks the island look. Attractive sulu with coordinating top for him, self tie halter with shorts for her. By Tracey Farrington, who reinterprets tribal prints for a contemporary customer.

Fiji 11-21 Harsha Designs gathered 2 pc cropped.jpg

Put on this picture perfect ensemble and you’ll be ready for bula! Bula is the good life and the spirit of happiness in the Fijian dialect. Harsha Designs.

Fiji 11-21 Harsha Designs green gold pants cropped.jpg

Billowy, flowing trousers by Harsha Designs.

Fiji 11-21 Letila Mijieli swim xxl cropped.jpg

Swimwear the color of the azure waters of Fiji. Letila Mijieli. The traditional floral headdress completes this heavenly image of Fijian beauty.

Fiji 11-21 Letila Mijieli ornage swim top cropped.jpg

Relaxing on a pristine white sand beach, looking like a Polynesian goddess, it’s an art form on the island of Fiji. Swimwear by Letila Mijieli.

Fiji 11-21 masei ments top and shorts colorful cropped.jpg

Bold, contemporary streetwear inspired by the iTaukei culture. Masei.

Fiji 11-21 masei mens swim trunks cropped.jpg

Men’s swimwear by Masei.

Fiji 11-21 Masei colorful trench dress cropped.jpg

It’s all vibrant color and easy fashion on the island of earthly delights. Masei.

Fiji 11-21 Tracey Farrington model on beach last image.JPG

It’s hard to say goodbye, so instead let’s say “moce,” see you soon at our next exciting Fiji Fashion Week.

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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