Haute Couture, Spring-Summer 2022, Ghouls, Girls and Glorious Flights of Imagination.

Could you let your fashion fantasies run wild and wear these ethereal masterworks?

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A powerhouse siren song of a strapless gown by Zuhair Murad. A declaration of color, texture and bravura by Glenn Martens for Jean Paul Gaultier. Fragile, fantastic, floral dressing by Rahul Mishra. All image credits vogue.com unless noted.

Couture 1-22 zuh green beige cropped.jpg

Calling all princesses. Zuhair Murad knows what you want. Off the shoulder gown magnificently embellished with gold rhinestones and embroidery, accented with panniers to add fullness. The definition of swoon-worthy.

Couture 1-22 Zuh pink short dress cropped.jpg

Sexy and sweet. Candy apple red mini crinoline dress, bejeweled. Zuhair Murad.

Couture 1-22 Zuh shorts cropped.jpg

The most elegant rhinestone bustier and shorts, draped in tulle. Zuhair Murad.

Couture 1-22 Zuh Pirate  booties cropped.jpg

Swashbuckling down the runway, pirate booty, dripping with gems. Zuhair Murad.

Couture 1-22 Zuh blk lace cropped.jpg

A wearable lace fantasy. Zuhair Murad.

Couture 1-22 Zuh grey woven sheer gown cropped.jpg

As delicate as a spider’s web. Zuhair Murad.

Couture 1-22 zuh peach cropped.jpg

You don’t simply walk into a room with a gown like this. You glide, drift, or even better, float. Watch the entire gorgeous Zuhair Murad show video here.

Couture 1-22 fendi pieced blk grey.jpg

A masterful layering of glorious fabrics combined with skilled tailoring. Fendi.

Couture 1-22 fendi wht.jpg

Kim Jones for Fendi. Examine the handwork. This is couture.

Couture 1-22 fendi red blue.jpg

Fendi bold color block gown accessorized with dramatic jewellery.

Couture 1-22 fendi jewellery close-up cropped.jpg

Statement jewellery and ear cuffs designed by Delfina Delettrez, daughter of Silvia Venturini Fendi. Fashioned using natural crystal geodes and amethyst these pieces have a Gothic appeal, contrasting with the make-up which sparkles with rhinestones.

Couture 1-22 fendi madonna on gown.jpg

A spiritual Renaissance image makes this gown exceptional. Fendi.

Couture 1-22 fendi navy dress with emb tights.jpg

Trim navy suit bedecked with shining sequins. The embroidered foliage on the incredible stockings looks alive. Fendi.

Couture 1-22 fendi blk lace tights.jpg

Strapless high low gown with decadent hosiery. Fendi. Watch the entire Fendi show here, on youtube.

Couture 1-22 V+R vampire suit cropped.jpg

Ghouls, girls and “bite me” fashion with six inch nails. Vampire inspired looks from Viktor & Rolf.

Couture 1-22 Viktor and Rolf grey coat cropped.jpg

You’d have to be bats not to appreciate this gorgeous moiré silk floor length cape. Viktor & Rolf.

Couture 1-22 v + R yellow cropped.jpg

Viktor & Rolf raised the shoulders of the garments above the necks of the models with constructed corsets.

Couture 1-22 V + R gown cropped.jpg

Baby blue gown by Viktor & Rolf.

Couture 1-22 V+R pink cropped.jpg

Pretty in pink. Note the corset construction within the ruffled collar. Viktor & Rolf.

Couture 1-22 v + R white gown make-up cropped.jpg

The designers explained that the collection’s vampire focus was a metaphor for the fear of change. Certainly something for us all to think about. Watch the entire Viktor & Rolf couture show here.

Couture 1-22 jpg  cropped.jpg

Rhinestones glitter on this zebra pattern gown by Jean Paul Gaultier by Belgian designer Glenn Martens.

Couture 1-22 jpg multi cropped.jpg

Dreamy diaphanous fabric in an exotic floral print formed into a textured gown. Jean Paul Gaultier by designer Glenn Martens.

Couture 1-22 jpg red cropped.jpg

A late 19th century silhouette modernized for the brand by designer Glenn Martens for Jean Paul Gaultier.

Couture 1-22 jpg rose ribbons cropped.jpg

Jean Paul Gaultier by designer Glenn Martens. Sensational layers of ribbon woven over a corset bodice and translucent rose hued tulle.

Couture 1-22 jpg linear pleats cropped.jpg

Linear pleats create a sensuous and boldly graphic silhouette. Jean Paul Gaultier by designer Glenn Martens.

Couture 1-22 jpg wht wrap up cropped.jpg

Texture, negative and positive space and plenty of attitude. Knitwear by Jean Paul Gaultier by designer Glenn Martens.

Couture 1-22 jpg sheer print cropped.jpg

A powerful ensemble created with the most delicate of fabrics. Jean Paul Gaultier by talented guest couturier designer Glenn Martens of Y/Project.

Couture 1-22 val open tights cropped.jpg

1960’s styling and ladylike bows. Must-have thigh high open boots by Valentino.

Couture 1-22 val blue.jpg

Designer Pierpaolo Piccioli focused on celebrating body diversity in this upbeat and rainbow optimistic collection. Valentino.

Couture 1-22 val mult grn pink.jpg

Valentino. Casual chic.

Couture 1-22 val purple.jpg

Purple power. Valentino.

couture 1-22 val red pants.jpg

Formal trousers, bandeau top and bow embellished cloak. Valentino.

Couture 1-22 val pink.jpg

Perfect pink strapless gown. Valentino. Watch the stunning Valentino show here.

Couture 1-22 e.s. pale blue.jpg

The palest of blues. Intricately embroidered deep plunge gown by Eli Saab.

Couture 1-22 e.s. pale pink short front cropped.jpg

Eli Saab. Bold statement gown embellished in rhinestone embroidery.

Couture 1-22 e.s. pale grn cropped.jpg

Eli Saab’s gowns create a sense of joy with satin, tulle and taffeta.

Couture 1-22 e.s. pink gown cropped.jpg

Stunning craftsmanship by Eli Saab.

Couture rah blue puff.jpg

Fantasy floral dressing by extraordinary Indian designer Rahul Mishra.

Couture 1-22 rah pup floral.jpg

Forest pixies don’t usually look this amazing. Rahul Mishra.

Couture 1-22 rah yellow pants cropped.jpg

Glorious embroidered top and chiffon covered trousers. Rahul Mishra.

Couture 1-22 rah floral bubble dress cropped.jpg

Magical ballgown by Rahul Mishra. Watch the enchanting show here.

Couture 1-22 rah blse and skirt cropped.jpg

Brilliant skirt and blouse ensemble. Rahul Mishra.

Couture 1-22 rah long emb coat cropped.jpg

A masterpiece garden of embroidered florals. Rahul Mishra.

Couture 1-22 rah pink ruffles cropped.jpg

Covered in delicate ruffles and butterflies, a couture dream come true. Rahul Mishra.


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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