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NOTHING compares to attending in person, and this year’s Showcase Ireland is bringing the live event back with hundreds of designers and makers anticipated in February and into early March.




While last year’s Showcase Ireland would have gone the way of so many live events without a digital platform that opened virtual doors for buyers and businesses around the world, Ireland’s Creative Expo from 27 February to 2 March will welcome retailers to one of the highlights of the buying calendar. The one-stop-shop at the RDS Dublin presents a wide variety of vendors featuring new products, heritage fabrics and designs with many of significant importance for the sustainable qualities.




“Nearly everyone we interact with in the various booths of Showcase (Ireland) can provide a lineage on where their wool is being shorn, how they process their linen, what kind of loom they use,” said Hammacher Schlemmer senior buyer Sarah Plovanich. “It’s a level we don’t see anywhere else. Showcase Ireland is hyper-focused on Irish-made goods. That gives us confidence that the quality of goods will be high, (that) products are made with care and a sense of pride and more likely than not, everything will have a story.”

Occurring early in the calendar year Ireland’s Creative Expo sets the trend for upcoming buying seasons right through to Christmas with new products and a place to meet makers and designers face-to-face. Showcase in its 45th year has become a key event for finding a wealth of memorable goods, many with their own origin stories of manufacturing using skills and materials passed down through generations.”





Head of Buying and Retail at Fife Country Scott Taylor said: “Ireland’s long association with knitwear and with quality manufacturing makes Showcase the perfect buying option for my company. We place orders and although the UK has suffered in recent years because of Brexit, my orders at Showcase (Ireland) have been increasing year on year.

Register to attend Showcase Ireland at, Ireland’s Creative Expo.


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