UNICEF Ireland – Time is ticking to help children in Ukraine

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Masha (9) stands in front of her damaged house in eastern Ukraine. What used to be her home is now partially destroyed, with shrapnel embedded in the walls and some windows covered with plywood. Every day, Masha endures the threat of shelling, landmines, lack of heating and hot water. © UNICEF/Ukraine/2022/Filippov

Right now, there is little room for delay when it comes to helping children in emergency like Masha in Ukraine.

As the conflict continues to escalate, humanitarian needs are multiplying by the hour. We are working around the clock to deliver life-saving supplies but we need your support.

Your emergency gift can provide life-saving clean water, warm blankets and first-aid kits to protect children at risk. You can make a difference for a child in danger right now.

Don’t wait any longer to send your support.

Thank you,
Emergency Team | UNICEF Ireland


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