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Hello there!

Right now, relentless shelling in Ukraine has damaged or destroyed 164 hospitals and health facilities. Every day more and more women are risking their lives to reach bombed-out hospitals and basement maternity wards to give birth.

The situation is dire. Medical staff are working under extreme pressure, delivering children amid constant shelling and often without a stable power supply.

“I had to travel across fields and through forests. But thanks to God and the doctors, I now have a baby and am still alive.” Yuliya said. Mothers-to-be like Yuliya are arriving at hospitals in need of help all the time.

More than 4,000 babies like little Vera have already been born in Ukraine since the war began. In the next three months, 80,000 more women are expected to give birth in Ukraine. They are in urgent need of help!

Please send a life-saving gift today to provide medical supplies and save a baby at risk.


Whether it’s medical equipment or midwifery kits, blankets or oxygen concentrators, we’re doing everything we can to get life-saving supplies to children across the country. But we cannot reach every child without your help.

Please give a donation for as much as you can today and help to save babies and children under fire.

On behalf of all the children, thank you for what you can do to help now.

Peter Power
Executive Director | UNICEF Ireland

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