Paris Haute Couture, Fall, 2022, Astonishing Craftsmanship by Armani, Elie Saab, Balenciaga, Fendi, Valentino and the Top Artisans of Fashion.

Dazzling, extraordinary, breathtaking; these mere words do not even scratch the surface of the Haute Couture shows, where every garment is hand crafted by the worlds most skilled and talented sewers. Designed by visionaries who are creating art as well as garments of high fashion, devotees wait twice a year to be dazzled. But these words fall flat. This is a visual smorgasbord of heavenly couture delights. Indulge in these images, but we recommend watching the videos to experience the true emotional drama by seeing these garments on the runway.

Paris Couture horiz image 7-22.JPG

Elie Saab, master of haute couture, crafts magnificent designs made-to-order for private clients.

HC elie-saab-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway menswear feather cloak (2) cropped.jpg

A cloak of many feathers; magnificent plumage by Elie Saab. Menswear that rocks the senses.

“I’ve been receiving requests to dress men for quite some time,” explained the Lebanese designer to Vogue. “They want to show off, to be visible, to get the attention.” No problem there; Elie Saab has arranged for both his male and female clients to luxuriate in sumptuous style.

HC Elie Saab elie-saab-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway gold (2) cropped.jpg

Bedecked in gold. A gown fit for a princess. Elie Saab.

HC -elie-saab-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway mens gold suit (2) cropped.jpg

For the prince, a golden suit with 24 karat intensity. Elie Saab.

HC elie-saab-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway blk beads (2) cropped.jpg

Magnificently embellished by hand for clients that require spectacular glamour. Elie Saab.

HC -elie-saab-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway pink draping (2) bow drape cropped.jpg

Draped bow satin bodice by Elie Saab.

HC -elie-saab-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway taupe snake (2) web cropped.jpg

Whisper delicate web-like fabric with a suggestion of Eve getting cozy with the snake. Elie Saab.

HC elie-saab-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway all silver (2) cropped.jpg

Shimmering silver beading, each bead stitched on by hand. Elie Saab.

HC elie-saab-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway autumn leaves (2).jpg

Opulent cascades of silk autumn leaves create a gown of exquisite beauty. Elie Saab.

HC -elie-saab-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway mens long kimono (2) cropped.jpg

Sumptuous, rich, appliquéd kimono ensemble. Menswear by Elie Saab.

HC elie-saab-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway red (2) cropped.jpg

Spectacular ruby red gown for a night at the opera. Watch the Elie Saab video here.


HC jean-paul-gaultier-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway patchwork (2) cropped.jpg

Superstar designer Olivier Rousteing, for Jean Paul Gaultier. Amazing pieced patterns create an intricately crafted fabric.

HC -jean-paul-gaultier-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway nude brs (2) cropped.jpg

Jean Paul Gaultier. Nude-look bodice dress, already spotted on Kim Kardashian. 

HC -jean-paul-gaultier-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway blue (2) cropped.jpg

Draped head to toe in royal blue. Jean Paul Gaultier. Please note pincushion bracelet.

HC jean-paul-gaultier-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway maternity (2) cropped.jpg

Maternity apparel by Jean Paul Gaultier.

HC -jean-paul-gaultier-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway eiffiel tower (2) cropped.jpg

Celebrating the Eiffel Tower. Jean Paul Gaultier.

HC jean-paul-gaultier-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway turq top (2) cropped.jpg

Turquoise top paired with metallic “tin can” skirt…yes, but can you sit in it? Jean Paul Gaultier. Tin can bracelets add the perfect accessories.

HC -jean-paul-gaultier-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway blk wht fur (2) cropped.jpg

Fanciful openwork leather skirt with lush fur cloak. Jean Paul Gaultier.

HC -jean-paul-gaultier-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway pink (2) cropped.jpg

Structured gown in up-trending pink. Jean Paul Gaultier. The talented Olivier Rousteing has been the creative director of Balmain since 2011.

HC -jean-paul-gaultier-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway why wings (2).jpg

This outfit may suggest a more robust version of an Iris van Herpen butterfly design. Jean Paul Gaultier.

HC -jean-paul-gaultier-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway blk gold (2).jpg

Incredible metallic embellished suit. Watch the fabulous Jean Paul Gaultier runway show here.


HC armani-prive-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway pink leather pants (2) power puffs cropped.jpg

Ethereal pink power puffs by il Maestro, Giorgio Armani. Armani Privé.

HC armani-prive-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway cropped ble jkt (2) cropped.jpg

There’s no need for Armani to emblazon his apparel with logos. The exquisite cut of his jackets, the easy, liquid elegance of his suits spell out his name with unmatched beauty and sophistication.

HC -armani-prive-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway silver blue Japanese jkt (2) cropped.jpg

Giorgio Armani. His stunning jackets seem effortless.

HC armani-prive-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway pale blue pants (3) cropped use this.jpg

Giorgio Armani. Bejeweled ensemble.

HC armani-prive-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway pale blue (2) cropped.jpg

Hand beaded gown by Giorgio Armani.

HC armani-prive-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway blk wht (2) cropped.jpg

Fabulous jacket, full, pleated satin trousers and sheer over skirt, by the master, Giorgio Armani.

HC armani-prive-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway blk velvet (2) cropped.jpg

Trompe-l’œil  velvet gown. Giorgio Armani.

HC Armani midnight blue vogue (2) cropped.jpg

Giorgio Armani. Outshining the midnight sky, a gown that sparkles with all the stars in the heavens. Watch the delicious Giorgio Armani runway show here.


HC fendi-fall-2022-couture-credit-long taupe dress (2) cropped.jpg

Fendi by creative director Kim Jones. Luxe knit dress.

HC -fendi-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway silver dress (2) cropped.jpg

Exquisite tailoring, precious fabrics. Fendi.

HC fendi-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway pants (2) cropped.jpg

The work of master sewers is evident in this breathtaking ensemble. Fendi.

HC-fendi-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway print coat (2) cropped.jpg

Coat as easy as a robe. Fendi.

HC fendi-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway sheer (2) cropped.jpg

Nothing to hide. This nude look shines. Fendi.

HC fendi-fall-2022-couture-credit-gorunway kimono (2) cropped.jpg

The Japanese kimono reinvented for the modern woman by Fendi. Watch the Fendi Couture Autumn Winter 2022 runway show here.


HC -balenciaga-fall-2022-couture-credit-brand full pk gown (2) cropped.jpg

Balenciaga ballgown by creative director Demna Gvasalia.

HC balenciaga-fall-2022-couture-credit-brand feathers (2) cropped.jpg

Balenciaga. Fun feathers.

HC balenciaga-fall-2022-couture-credit-brand red dress (2) cropped.jpg

Classic Balenciaga.

HC balenciaga-fall-2022-couture-credit-brand Nicole Kidman silver (2) cropped.jpg

Nicole Kidman glitters in Balenciaga.

HC balenciaga-fall-2022-couture-credit-brand leopard coat (3) cropped.jpg

Swoon-worthy leopard printed coat accessorized with black mask. Balenciaga. Must watch Balenciaga 51st Couture Collection runway show.


HC Valentino bold floral coat (3) cropped.jpg

Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director of Valentino, presented his extravagant couture runway show at the Piazza di Spagna, the Spanish Steps, in Rome.

HC Valentino purple mini (2) cheerleader skirt cropped.jpg

Cheerleader skirt re-imagined as couture. Valentino.

HC Valentino wht dress (2) delicate cropped.jpg

Intricate, delicate, magical. Valentino.

HC Valentino orange jumpsuit (2) cropped.jpg

Bold orange jumpsuit. Valentino.

HC Valentino mens blk wht coat (2) cropped.jpg

The artistry in this menswear jacket is spectacular. Look closely and you’ll see the meticulous cut-outs within the fabric. Valentino.

HC Valentino blue feathers (2) cropped.jpg

Crop top with sky blue feather skirt. Valentino.

HC Valentino yellow (2) cropped.jpg

Knock-out chartreuse ensemble. Valentino.

HC Valentino silver w pink cape (2) cropped.jpg

Beaded gown illuminates the runway. Valentino.

HC Valentino rose top and skirt for hor (2) 2 pc cropped.jpg

Perfect pink petals adorn this feminine ensemble. If there’s only one couture runway video that you watch, make it this one. I won’t reveal the ending of the Valentino show, but I will tell you that if you love fashion as I do, you’ll be left misty eyed and intoxicated with the incredible tribute to talent, beauty and craftsmanship. Watch the Valentino show here.

Valentino show all models couture, july 2022 (3) lightened.JPG

All Valentino models.

Valentino couture show July, 2022 (2) cropped.JPG

Spectacular view of the Valentino runway show from above.

“To qualify as an official Haute Couture house, members must design made-to-order clothes for private clients, with more than one fitting, using an atelier (workshop) that employs at least fifteen fulltime staff. They must also have twenty fulltime technical workers in one of their workshops. Finally, Haute Couture houses must present a collection of no less than 50 original designs — both day and evening garments — to the public every season, in January and July.” –

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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