HWD Daily – Kerry Condon’s Moment Is Now

Kerry Condon’s Moment Is Now

She has decades of experience in Hollywood, with all the hopes and their attendant triumphs and letdowns. Kerry Condon even left one project, the swiftly canceled Luck, having adopted a horse. What she has in spades is perspective: “The things that I’ll remember when I die won’t necessarily be, Oh, that was a hit, and everyone thought I was amazing in that,” she tells VF’s David Canfield. “The moments I have with my horses are the moments that I’ll have when I die.” But now, with the upcoming Oscar-buzzy movie The Banshees of Inisherin, opposite Colin Farrell, it seems her big moment is finally here. Read more on VF.

Elsewhere in HWD, the Emmys may be over, but the takes just keep coming. Vanity Fair’s latest Little Gold Men episode puts it all into perspective, while we have your almanac on how to watch all the Emmy-winning shows you may have missed. Joe Jonas plays double duty in Devotion at the Toronto International Film Festival. And Samuel L. Jackson finds himself in the company of ghosts as he and costar John David Washington prepare for the Broadway revival of August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson.

Kerry Condon Seizes Her Moment

In Martin McDonagh’s festival hit The Banshees of Inisherin, the Irish actress gets the breakthrough she’s been waiting for.


The Best and…the Rest

Catch up with VF’s latest episode of Little Gold Men, breaking down the Emmys and what they mean for the year to come.


Killin’ It

Samuel L. Jackson takes another spin in the Broadway revival of August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson—in a new role—opposite John David Washington.


Hit the Binge

Skip the post-Emmys FOMO and hit play: Here’s where to watch the year’s biggest winners in TV.


Hopelessly Devotion-ed

Joe Jonas lends a double dose of his talents to Devotion with a supporting role and song in the movie. Plus, he plays Six Degrees of Separation.


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