NYFW Part 2: Didn’t Get Enough? More of New York Fashion Week.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side While You Spot the Trends.

NYFW part 2 horizontal 9-22.JPG

Bravura molded gold leather breastplate, Gabriela Hearst. Graphic yellow knitted sheath dress, Henry Zankov, Menswear sheer tank top with frayed joggers, Eckhaus Latta. Contrasting patterns in pink with must-have gloves, Autumn Adeigbo, Strikingly modern version of a men’s great coat, Peter Do. All images vogue.com unless noted.

NYFW 2 gabriela-hearst-mens gold pants  (2) cropped.jpg

Make a solid gold entrance in these radiant leather trousers by Gabriela Hearst.

NYFW -gabriela-hearst-snow white without the dwarfs  (2) cropped.jpg

A fairy tale Snow White style dress sans the seven dwarfs. Gabriela Hearst.

nYFW 2 -gabriela-hearst-pattern  (2) paisley cropped.jpg

Virtuoso pieced and embroidered maxi length set. Gabriela Hearst.

NYFW 2 gabriela-hearst long knit dress  (2) cropped figure enhancing cropped.jpg

Figure hugging audacious jumpsuit. Gabriela Hearst.

NYFW 2 gabriela-hearst-Gold Eygptian gown  (2) cropped.jpg

Regal robe spun of gold, Gabriela Hearst.

NYFW 2 Gabriela Hearst youtube runway show 9-22 image (2) cropped.JPG

Image credit: youtube.com

Heavenly gospel singers flanked the models as they walked the runway. Watch the uplifting Gabriela Hearst Spring/Summer 2023 runway show here.

nYFW alice-olivia- green bat wing dress  (2).jpg

Luscious lime green gown with fluttering bat wings. Alice + Olivia, by designer Stacey Bendet, a brand that juxtaposes the whimsical and flirty with the sexy and sophisticated.

nYFW 2 alice-olivia-wht orange  (2) cropped.jpg

Thigh high go-to boots. Love at first sight. Alice + Olivia.

NYFW 2 -alice-olivia- royal blue  (2) cropped.jpg

If mermaids had legs… a splash of ocean blue. Alice + Olivia.

NYFW 2 -alice-olivia- 2 models pink  (2) cropped.jpg

Split front trousers and sizzling magenta continue to rock the runways. Alice + Olivia.

NYFW 2 -alice-olivia- plated jumpsuit  (2) cropped.jpg

Knife pleated fantasy floral jumpsuit. Alice + Olivia.

NYFW 2 alice-olivia-denim suit  (2) cropped.jpg

Flattering classic denim suit by Alice + Olivia.

NYFW 2 -alice-olivia-bubble dress poof  (2) cropped.jpg

This silhouette was all over the New York runways. Pretty poof mini dress with knit shrug. Alice + Olivia.

NYFW 2 RTA-womens bralet a nd shorts (2) cropped.jpg

Bralet tank top with coordinated print shorts. RTA.

NYFW 2 -RTA-denim jumper  (2) cropped.jpg

Lace up jumper with bustier top. RTA is a contemporary men’s and women’s label with an edgy, European vibe.

NYFW 2 -rta-perf tank top men  (2) cropped.jpg

Innovative men’s top layered with perforated spheres. RTA.

NYFW 2 -rta-mens earth tones knit  (2) cropped.jpg

Rich earth tones and an abstract print make this men’s wool cardigan unique. RTA.

NYFW 2 RTA-blue bustier  (2) cropped.jpg

Rolled sleeve t-shirt worn under a printed bustier. RTA.

NYFW 2 -RTA-women blk corset  (2) cropped.jpg

A bold decorative play on the lines of an under bust corset by RTA.

NYFW 2 rta-spring-2023mens blk wht  (2) cropped.jpg

Graphic tee and whitewashed black jeans. RTA, which stands for “Road To Awe” is headquartered in Los Angeles.

nYFW 2 -tory-burch-orange  (2) cropped.jpg

Tory Burch offers another option for wearing the sheer look.

NYFW 2 tory-burch- long skirt  (2) cropped.jpg

Contrasting silhouettes and textures. Tory Burch.

NYFW 2 -tory-burch-layered skirt  (2) sari look .jpg

Attractive summer dress with the layered textiles of a sari. Tory Burch.

NYFW 9-22 jason-wu blk gown  (2) fishtail cropped.jpg

A masterful fishtail gown suitable for a full length portrait brings to mind Madame X by John Singer Sargent. Jason Wu.

NYFW 9-22 jason-wu pearl pink  (2) cropped.jpg

Pearly pink satin with an alluring ruched bodice. Jason Wu.

NYFW 9-22 -jason-wu- floral  (2) cropped.jpg

Inset of mesh adds a delicate balance to this printed midi dress. Jason Wu.

NYFW 9-22 jason-wu blk sheer  (2) cropped.jpg

Jason Wu works the ever popular sheer look in a glamorous direction by adding texture.

NYFW 2 -kenneth-nicholson- sheer mens  (2) cropped.jpg

Designer Kenneth Nicholson sees the “back-to-work” corporate office attire from a unique perspective. Sheer fashions continue to emerge on the runways in the menswear market.

NYFW 2 kenneth-nicholson-mens pre-office attaire  (2) cropped.jpg

Back to the office must include getting dressed before you pull your pants on. Kenneth Nicholson.

NYFW 2 -kenneth-nicholson mens pre office boxers  (2) cropped.jpg

Kenneth Nicholson. Almost dressed.

NYFW 2 -kenneth-nicholson- blk wht womens  (2) cropped.jpg

Fluid mermaid gown, a mix of patterns and lace. Kenneth Nicholson.

NYFW 2 -kenneth-nicholson- mens fringe pants  (2) cropped.jpg

Kenneth Nicholson. Cool trousers with decorative fringe on the outer seams.

NYFW 2 -kenneth-nicholson-shorts w shirt  (2) cropped.jpg

Fashion does more than clothe us; it makes a statement and fires the imagination. Kenneth Nicholson.

NYFW 2 -kenneth-nicholson green suit  (2) cropped.jpg

Double breasted lime green suit. Button down shirt with sheer inserts. Kenneth Nicholson.

NYFW 2 -kenneth-nicholson- mens topless  (2) cropped.jpg

The Kenneth Nicholson brand is based in Los Angeles and creates trendy, gender neutral apparel.

NYFW 2 markarian-wht gold train  (2) cropped.jpg

Show stopping strapless gown emblazoned with gold. The entrance making train is the icing on the cake. Markarian.

NYFW 2-markarian-ssky blue  (2) cropped.jpg

Trend alert: sky blue is now on your radar. Markarian.

NYFW 2 markarian-spring-shine  (2) cropped.jpg

A metallic sheen adds another layer of “wow” to this majestic corset style midi dress. Markarian.

NYFW 2 markarian- wht mini suit  (2) cropped.jpg

How lovely is this white embroidered silk suit with shorts instead of trousers? Markarian.

NYFW 2 markarian-metallic jumpsuit  (2) cropped.jpg

Shine on in a strapless two piece floral ensemble. Markarian.

NYFW 2 markarian-hot pink gown  (2) ccropped.jpg

The hot pink trend has been going strong for over a year now and continues to pop on the runways, worldwide. This glamorous ball gown by Markarian. A modern, luxury label, Alexandra O’Neill founded the womenswear brand in 2017. The collection is designed and produced in New York City and is a favorite with celebrities. On January 20th, 2021, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden wore a custom Markarian dress and coat to the inauguration of her husband, President Joe Biden.

NYFW 2 zankov-long colorblock  (2) cropped.jpg

Bold knitwear that explodes with jubilant color. Henry Zankov.

NYFW 2 zankov-mens color skirt  (2) cropped.jpg

Henry Zankov. Multihued magic. Knitwear to stir the soul.

NYFW -zankov-long knite skirt  (2) cropped.jpg

Intricately woven cardigan with coordinated slim maxi length skirt. Henry Zankov.

NYFW 9-22 eckhaus-latta- metallic top  (2) cropped.jpg

Metallics are a major trend, applied to everything from lingerie to parkas. This luxurious silvery knit top by Eckhaus Latta is shown with a sheer maxi skirt.

NYFW 9-22, eckhaus-latta- mini  (2).jpg

Dynamic graphics by Eckhaus Latta.

NYFW eckhaus-latta- fringe  (2) tied texture  cropped.jpg

Silver and gold glittering fabrics, tied, twisted and fringed. Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta wanted to express an optimistic point of view within their clothing. It certainly looks like they’ve succeeded.

NYFW 2 -tom-ford-silver shorts  (2) cropped.jpg

Sparkling, sexy and scintillating, the Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2023 collection had it all.

NYFW 2 tom-ford-lingerie women  (2) cropped.jpg

Barely there and lingerie as street apparel were a common trend on many NYFW runways. This is Tom Ford’s forte.

NYFW 2 tom-ford-lace for men  (2) cropped.jpg

Leather and lace menswear. Tom Ford.

NYFW 2 -tom-ford-mens pink suit  (2) cropped.jpg

Magenta rules. Tom Ford.

NYFW 2-tom-ford-mens leather  (2) cropped.jpg

Lizard black leather with a mesh under shirt for a roll ‘n’ roll vibe. Tom Ford.

NYFW 2 tom-ford-spring-2white leather  (2) cropped.jpg

White leather shawl collar jacket. So cool. Tom Ford.

NYFW-tom-ford-Purple track suit (2) cropped.jpg

Sensational shine on a retro lavender track suit. Tom Ford.

NYFW 2 -tom-ford-spring-metallic silver gold  (2) cropped.jpg

All that glitters is sequins and gold for Tom Ford.

NYFW 2 -peter-do-womens wide pleated trousers  (2) cropped.jpg

Voluminous wide legged pleated trousers paired with a dressage tailcoat styled jacket. Simply stunning. Peter Do.

NYFW 2 peter-do mens sheer  (2) cropped.jpg

Sheer is here. Peter Do.

NYFW 2 peter-do-women hombre stripe  (2) cropped.jpg

High low in ombre stripes by Peter Do.

NYFW 2 peter-do women cream leather  (2) cropped.jpg

Dreamy, creamy, monotone leather looks so new. Peter Do.

NYFW 2 -peter-do-mens tailored tux  (2) cropped.jpg

A new direction for the classic tuxedo. Nipped, tucked and sensational paired with satin trousers. Peter Do.

NYFW 2 -carolina-herrera blk wht gown  (2) cropped.jpg

Crisp black and white stripes create a fabulous gown that seems to vibrate with motion. Carolina Herrera.

NYFW 2 carolina-herrera-wrap floral  (2) cropped.jpg

Carolina Herrera. Delicate wrapped chiffon in tones of a garden of earthly delights.

NYFW 2 carolina-herrera blue  (2) cropped.jpg

Carolina Herrera. A two piece cerulean blue floral party.

NYFW 2 -carolina-herrera- blue yellow  (2) cropped.jpg

Carolina Herrera. A gown that speaks of a sunny summer day. The high-low silhouette is a must-have for the upcoming 2023 season.

NYFW 2 carolina-herrera-blk mini poof  (2) cropped.jpg

Carolina Herrera. An interesting variation of the ultra popular poof, with tulle billowing on the sides, like contemporary panniers.

NYFW 2 Carolina Herrera runway show youtube use this (2) cropped.JPG

Image credit: youtube.com

Experience the breathtaking Carolina Herrera collection, as envisioned by talented designer Wes Gordon, here on Youtube.

Hope you enjoyed NYFW where the unexpected is always expected.


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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