Here’s What You Missed From Fashion Week! More Designs From Paris, PLUS BONUS FASHION From London!

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Glamorous gold formal skirt by Alexis Mabille. Incredible cut-out gown by Alexander McQueen. Bold purple rain slicker with slit sleeves, (trend alert), by Sacai. Smart tailored pants suit by Paul Smith. All images unless noted.

Paris 2 10-22 alexis-mabille-sky blue  (2) cropped.jpg

Tied sleeve sky blue satin gown. Alexis Mabille.

Paris 2 10-22 alexis-mabille-wht gown  (2) cropped.jpg

Nights in white satin, trimmed in lace. Alexis Mabille.

Paris 2 10-22 -alexis-mabille-full dress  (2) cropped.jpg

Magnificent double breasted gown with fitted bodice and side panniers to add volume. Alexis Mabille.

Paris 2 10-22 alexis-mabille- gold gown  (2) cropped.jpg

Golden girl. Side tie ballgown in glowing gold. Alexis Mabille.

Paris 2 10-22 -alexis-mabille-spink sequins w kaftan  (2) cropped.jpg

Sequined bodysuit in soft peach under embellished caftan. Alexis Mabille.

Paris 2 10-22 alexis-mabille-ssheath w shrug  (2).jpg

Understated elegance. Rich toffee sheath gown with attached satin shrug. Alexis Mabille.

Paris 2 10-22 -alexis-mabille-gold gown  (3) cropped.jpg

French designer Alexis Mabille knows his customers yearn for a dramatic, entrance making gown. With this dazzling ballgown of gold, all eyes are on you.

Paris 2 10-22 -mira-mikati-plais pants  (2) cropped.jpg

Joyous, brilliant color defines the 2023 summer fun collection by Mira Mikati.

Paris 2 10-22 -mira-mikati-mens palm trees  (2) cropped.jpg

Exuberant palm trees are a favorite Mira Mikati motif.

Paris 2 10-22 mira-mikati-floral dress  (2) cropped.jpg

Happy colors on an ensemble of pure flower power. Mira Mikati.

Paris 2 10-22 mira-mikati-multu knit  (2) cropped.jpg

Cheery rainbow tones create this delightful cardigan and coordinated jumpsuit. Mira Mikati.

Paris 2 10-22 mira-mikati-mens pink pants  (2) cropped.jpg

Hand embellished knit cardigan sweater with bold pink trousers. Mira Mikati.

Paris 2 10-22 mira-mikati-floral camp shirt and shorts  (2) cropped.jpg

Plain is not an option in the positive, upbeat world of Mira Mikati.

Paris 2 10-22 mira-mikati-dress and rider  (2) cropped.jpg

Do you get the feeling this horse is wishing for a glorious striped sweater so he can coordinate with his rider? Mira Mikati.

Paris 10-22 paul-smith-sskinny belt  (2) cropped.jpg

Sophisticated monotone ensemble featuring below-the-waist skinny belt by Paul Smith.

Paris 10-22 -paul-smith-hombre stripe suit  (2).jpg

Pale pink suit with subtle striping. Paul Smith.

Paris 10-22 -paul-smith-spring-shorts set  (2).jpg

Modern fun. Sleek vest with coordinated shorts. Paul Smith.

Paris 10-22 -paul-smith-nice pants  (2).jpg

Iconic Paul Smith stripe incorporated throughout the top, trousers, shoes and bag.

Paris 10-22 paul-smith-sky blue dress  (2).jpg

Easy going sundress with contrasting gusset by Paul Smith.

Paris 10-22 paul-smith-blue trench  (2).jpg

Sky blue has officially replaced magenta as the “it” color for the upcoming 2023 season. Outstanding trench with leather trim by Paul Smith.

Paris 10-22 paul-smith- print trench  (2).jpg

Paul Smith certainly doesn’t make it easy for his customers to choose a trench coat. Another stunner by the eclectic British designer whose fashion ideas are drawn from art, music, and everyday life.

Paris  2 10-22 -givenchy-sblue boucle  (2).jpg

Sheer baby doll top with bouclé cropped cargo pants. Givenchy.

Paris 2 10-22 -givenchy-red knit  (2).jpg

Slinky sheath knit maxi by Givenchy.

Paris 2 10-22 givenchy-royal knit  (2).jpg

Semi-sheer royal knit ensemble with silver embellished skirt. Givenchy.

Paris 2 10-22 -givenchy-smesh over pink  (2).jpg

The “don’t sneeze or this dress will fall off” look. Pearl studded mesh over pale pink mini gives the impression of an imminent wardrobe malfunction, (in a good way.) Givenchy.

Paris 2 10-22 -givenchy-sheer grn  (2).jpg

Lingerie inspired slip dress. Givenchy.

Paris 2 10-22 givenchy-spring-crop top  (2).jpg

Cropped hoodies remain popular into Spring/Summer 2023. Givenchy.

Paris 2 10-22 -givenchy-sdenim fringe  (2).jpg

Fringed open work top under a denim ensemble. Givenchy.

Paris 2 10-22 givenchy-swht  (2).jpg

White halter dress embellished with ostrich feathers and opera length gloves. American designer Matthew Williams was appointed as creative director for Givenchy in 2020. Watch the Youtube runway video here.


Paris 2 10-22 -sacai-sblk wht  (2).jpg

Masterful tailoring by Japanese designer and founder of the Sacai label Chitose Abe, who established the Sacai cult fashion label 20 years ago to worldwide success.

Paris 2 10-22 -sacai-cargo w pants  (3).jpg

Pleats, cargo pockets and a fresh bell bottoms silhouette. Sacai.

Paris 2 10-22 sacai-spring-blk wht stripe  (2).jpg

Asymmetric profile with a modern vibe. Sacai.

Paris 2 10-22 sacai-snavy split blazer  (2).jpg

The navy blazer reimagined by Sacai.

Paris 2 10-22 sacai-silver dress w pants  (2).jpg

Contemporary fabrics fashioned with imaginative tailoring, Sacai.

Paris 2 10-22 sacai-sanorak  (2).jpg

The classic white button down in the hands of Sacai. Tactical fabrics and the popular slit sleeve.

Paris 2 10-22 sacai-spring-floral  (2).jpg

Pleated floral top, major cargo pockets, (a key trend) and must-have fitted bell bottoms. Sacai.

To see more of these innovative designs, watch the Sacai Spring/Summer 2023 runway show here.


Paris 2 10-22 -alexander-mcqueen-london ornage  (2).jpg

Sarah Burton, talented creative director of Alexander McQueen chose not to present her stunning collection during London Fashion Week.

Paris 2 McQueen bubble runway youtube 10-22 cropped.jpg

Instead, she held her powerhouse runway show a few weeks later, held under a transparent cloud-like bubble at the 17th century Greenwich Naval College, London. Credit:

Paris 2 10-22 -alexander-mcqueen london  wht suit  (2).jpg

The eyes have it. Superlative tailoring and audacious seeing-eye motif. Alexander McQueen.

Paris 2 10-22 -alexander-mcqueen-london denim  (2).jpg

Denim romper with belted leather peplum and spectacular thigh high boots. Alexander McQueen.

Paris 2, 10-22 -alexander-mcqueen-london red  (2).jpg

OMG striking red jumpsuit with mesh bodice. Alexander McQueen.

Paris 2 10-222 alexander-mcqueen-london gown  (2).jpg

Cut, draped and crafted into an exquisite dress. Alexander McQueen.

Paris 2 -alexander-mcqueen-london blk (2).jpg

Skilled, contemporary tailoring by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Paris 2 10-22 alexander-mcqueen-slondon multi w boots  (2).jpg

Gorgeous fabric worked to craft this sexy, daring dress and “I-want-those” boots. Alexander McQueen.

Paris 10-22 -alexander-mcqueen-slondon royal  (2).jpg

Preeminent tailoring produced this magnificent dress, sure to be seen on the top red carpets around the world. Alexander McQueen.

You’ll want to see every look from this sensational collection. Watch the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2023 runway show here.

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Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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