Milan Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2023, Less Gimmicks, More Glamour

Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Bottega Veneta, Bally and New Top Designers.

Milan Fashion Week, where the talent and tailoring, creativity and craftsmanship shine through and the garments, not the gimmicks are the focus. The fashion savvy rejoice in the Italian city of la dolce fashion. Viva Milano!

Milan FW  9-22 Horizontal image.JPG

Cinched waist over sheer black trench, Dolce & Gabbana. Glittering gold leather ensemble, Bally. Sophisticated shimmer of sky blue pleated silk by Giorgio Armani. Rich burgundy leather trench coat by Bottega Veneta. Sweet embroidered lace mini by Etro. All images unless noted.

Milan 9-22 Etro make-up oriental.jpg


A new Etro campaign is called ”ETROPÍA, a manifesto in the making, the first act of ETRO’s new path under the creative direction of Marco De Vincenzo. A series of portraits portray the link between reality and utopia, identity and imagination. ETROPÍA is a journey where fashion takes centre stage in the search for its own individuality without resorting to garments, relying instead on the dialogue between body and colour.”-Etro.

mIlan 9-22 etro braids.jpg

A new approach to express yourself through beauty and make-up.

Milan 9-22 etro apple make-up.jpg

The apple of her eyes.

Milan 9-22 etro-stripes  (2).jpg

Festive hombre stripes in sunset colors.

Milan 9-22 -etro-sskirt over blse  (2).jpg

Voluminous men’s style button down under a trim patterned mini wrap skirt takes on a modern look.

Milan 9-22-etro-skelly green  (2).jpg

Kelly green bandeau top with fringe midi skirt and coordinated baseball cap.

Milan 9-22 -etro-smini  (2).jpg

Lush beading creates a rich textural mini. Silver sphere purse takes the look up a notch. Etro.

Milan 9-22 etro-orange earrings  (2).jpg

Chic fringed bandeau with full tapered trousers. The vintage “Change purse” earrings add a retro flair. Etro.

Milan 9-22 -etro-blue blk stripes  (2).jpg

Hombre dyed cropped knit sweater over coordinated skirt. This luxe Boho ensemble would “wow” on any island getaway. Etro.

Milan 9-22 etro-boho set  (2).jpg

The Etro brand is a family-managed Italian fashion house founded in 1968. It is mainly known for its paisley patterns, which the company started producing in 1981. We’re so happy they extended their glorious patterns to over the knee boots.

Milan 9-22 etro-spring-print boots  (2).jpg

Speaking of fanciful patterns and stunning boots, check out this ensemble with short shorts and blazer. Watch the fun and vibrant Etro Spring/Summer 2023 runway show here.

Milan 9-22 -dolce-and-gabbana-corset and jeans  (3).jpg

Dolce & Gabbana lingerie inspired apparel with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

Milan 9-22 dolce-and-gabbana-silver and blk  (3).jpg

All the glitters. Metallics were popular on many runways around the world. The bejeweled opera length gloves make this simple silver gown pop. Dolce & Gabbana.

Milan 9-22 dolce-and-gabbana- red  (2) cropped.jpg

Lingerie has left the boudoir and entered the boardroom. This ensemble in power red. Dolce & Gabbana.

Milan 9-22 dolce-and-gabbana-sscalloped pants  (2).jpg

Delicious scalloped side seams on sexy new cowgirl trousers by Dolce & Gabbana. You’ll note the crop top silhouette is on almost every runway. Time for sit-ups!

Milan 9-22 -dolce-and-gabbana-blk straps  (2) cropped.jpg

Laced-up attire. Dolce & Gabbana. Fetish inspired apparel has gone mainstream.

Milan 9-22 kim karadsian and D and G image hypebeast.JPG

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Designers Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce tapped the mega-reality superstar Kim Kardashian to co-design their Spring/Summer 2023 collection, shown during Milan Fashion Week.

Watch the wild D & G runway show here.

Milan 9-22 sara-battaglia-scheerleader skirt  (2).jpg

Royal blue cheerleader skirt and snappy crop top. The funky trapezoid purse completes the look. Sara Battaglia started her label by designing handbags and then expanded to ready-to-wear. She established her atelier in Milan and frequently collaborates with other international fashion brands. We are obsessed with her handbags!

Milan 9-22 -sara-battaglia-sred ticking stripe set  (2).jpg

Off the shoulder puff sleeve cropped peasant blouse with full trousers in a red ticking fabric. Sara Battaglia.

Milan 9-22 sara-battaglia-nautical stripe  (2).jpg

Bold nautical stripe dress with extra wide lapels and coordinated purse. Sara Battaglia.

Milan 9-22 -sara-battaglia-shot pink skirt suit  (2).jpg

Hot pink linen suit. Sara Battaglia.

Milan 9-22 -sara-battaglia-sdenim sweetheart neck  (2).jpg

A sweetheart neckline and cascading hem make this denim sundress extra special. The fab yellow fringed bag? Just sensational. Sara Battaglia.

Milan 9-22 sara-battaglia-sblk purse  (2).jpg

Sara Battaglia. Prim white dress with drop waist detailing looks exceptional when paired with the fabulous rainbow Tati Plisse leather tote.

Milan -22 sara-battaglia-royal puff slv  (2).jpg

Puffed and gathered drop sleeves send all the right signals. Sara Battaglia.

Milan 9-22 -sara-battaglia-turq gown  (2).jpg

Strapless turquoise satin gown with side slit evokes 1940’s Hollywood glamour. Sara Battaglia.

Milan 9-22 bally-mens reptile  (2).jpg

Menswear by Bally. Attention grabbing yellow python jacket, denims and the surprise of pink loafers.

Milan 9-22 bally-sbrwn swim  (2).jpg

World renowned for all things leather, luxury brand Bally was born in Switzerland in 1851.

Milan 9-22 -bally-mens yellow  (2).jpg

Casual and cool in butter yellow with python leather boots. Bally.

Milan 9-22 -bally- pink metallic  (2).jpg

Metallic pink leather jacket and boots. Bally.

Milan 9-22 bally-women green  (2).jpg

Rich forest green knit top and skirt with coordinated suede boots. Bally.

Milan 9-22 -bally- to the maor born coat  (2).jpg

Luxurious lounge jacket for high end lounging. Bally.

Milan 9-22 -bally-sgreen  (2).jpg

Sumptuous forest green suede button down mini dress contrasts brilliantly with teal suede boots. Bally.

Milan 9-22 -bally-me3ns shorts carmel, wht  (2).jpg

Striking camel, canvas and black menswear summer ensemble. Bally.

Milan 9-22 bally-navy sudes dress  (2).jpg

Navy suede blouse with coordinated maxi skirt flaunting a deep side slit. Bally.

Milan 9-22 -bally-FAB mens leather trousers w boots  (2) cropped.jpg

Fabulous leather men’s trousers embellished with decorative side detailing and coordinating boots. Bally.

Milan 9-22 -bally- womens perf leather coat w swim  (2).jpg

Bronze swimsuit with stunning full length perforated leather coat. Bally.

Milan 9-22 bally-blk dress  (2).jpg

In keeping with the cutout trend, A bodycon gown from Bally. Bally’s debut collection from Creative Director Rhuigi Villaseñor offered a sensual interpretation of high-octane glamour blended with the house’s brilliant proficiency with luxurious leather. Watch the fabulous runway show here.

Milan 9-22 max-mara-blue  (2).jpg

Sky blue ensemble with must-have crop top and full pleated trousers. Max Mara.

Milan 9-22 max-mara srt slve trench  (2).jpg

A new twist on the trench coat, this one has been reworked with short sleeves for summer. Max Mara.

Milan 9-22 max-mara-crop top  (2) cropped.jpg

Signature colors for the Max Mara brand.

Milan 9-22 -max-mara-blk knit  (2).jpg

Open knit cover-up by Max Mara.

Milan 9-22 -max-mara-pants suit  (2).jpg

Classic sophistication. The elegance is in the details at Max Mara. Watch the full Max Mara runway show here.

Milan 9-22 -giorgio-armani-spale blue jkt  (2) cropped.jpg

At 88, Girogio Armani is still the leader of Italian fashion design. His Spring/Summer 2023 collection referenced subtle elements of multi-cultural influences. The elegant savoir faire of his garments speaks volumes.

Milan 9-22 giorgio-armani-dyed jkt  (2).jpg

Richly dyed satin jacket with tapered trousers. Girogio Armani.

Milan 9-22 -giorgio-armani-silver pants  (2).jpg

Cropped silvery blue cardigan coordinated with shimmering silver trousers. Girogio Armani.

Milan 9-22 -giorgio-armani-ssari  (2).jpg

Magnificently embroidered jacket gives the impression of a graceful sari. Girogio Armani.

Milan 9-22-giorgio-armani-tunic  (2).jpg

Decorative open gown worn over slim silk harem pants. Girogio Armani.

Milan 9-22 giorgio-armani-drapped trousers  (2).jpg

Armani is the master of casual chic. If there is one Spring/Summer 2023 runway show you watch, make it the Girogio Armani collection. See it here.

Milan 9-22 -trussardi-sdenim women  (2) cropped.jpg

Designer denim at Trussardi.

Milan 9-22 -trussardi-blk cut off  (2).jpg

Entrance making gown with long flowing sleeves, Trussardi.

Milan 9-22 -trussardi-staupe leather shorts  (2).jpg

Founded in 1911, Trussardi is an Italian luxury fashion house based in Milan, which specializes in leather goods.

Milan 9-22 -trussardi-blk shorts  (2).jpg

This Spring/Summer 2023 runway show was the debut collection for new creative directors Serhat Işık and Benjamin A. Huseby. Watch the Trussardi show here.

Milan 9-22 -bottega-veneta-leather lloks like flannel  (2) cropped.jpg

Luxury Italian label Bottega Veneta, famed for their exclusive leather apparel showing a flannel shirt? No, it’s leather printed in multiple layers to appear as a plaid button down.

Milan 9-22 bottega-veneta-mens leather pants  (3) use this.jpg

Luxurious printed leather trousers with a glossy sheen. Bottega Veneta.

Milan 9-22 -bottega-veneta-t-shirt of leather  (2).jpg

T-shirt and jeans? Guess again. The casual short sleeve top is actually leather. Bottega Veneta.

Milan 9-22 bottega-veneta-green leather  (2).jpg

Hunter green leather suit under a charcoal wool coat. Bottega Veneta.

Milan 9-22 -bottega-veneta-spattern  (2).jpg

Attractive double breasted print dress with graceful, swaying hem. Bottega Veneta.

Milan 9-22 -bottega-veneta-smens leather suit  (2).jpg

Pale sage green tweed suit? You’ve already guessed. It’s ingeniously printed leather. This Spring/Summer 2023 runway show was the debut collection of Matthieu Blazy, former design director at Bottega Veneta, now the new creative director of the company. Watch the wonderful Bottega Veneta runway show here.

Milan 9-22 vivetta-pink rodeo  (4).jpg

Pretty in pink by Vivetta brand. Cute, sexy, modern with a touch of whimsy, this Italian label was launched in 2008. Vivetta Ponti explains, “Designing clothes is like creating wearable art to me. Art is the highest form of expression, clothes are the best means to make it closer to people.”

Milan 9-22 -vivetta-sturq mini  (2).jpg

Strapless turquoise mini with kitschy silver heart sandals. Vivetta.

Milan 9-22 vivetta-knit set  (2) cropped.jpg

Floral knit two piece set with belly button accessory. Vivetta.

Milan 9-22 vivetta-English garden top  (2).jpg

How unique is this halter top? It’s like wearing an English garden complete with street lights and cobblestones. Vivetta.

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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