Vogue Business – Vogue Business and Google Summit

Innovative solutions, exciting opportunities and tons of inspiration

Discover the answers to the biggest questions facing the luxury industry at the Vogue Business and Google Summit. Join our editorial team for a series of insightful and inspiring discussions with high-profile executives, changemakers and founders as they meet new challenges and exciting opportunities head-on.


Become a Member for just £12.27 / $15.33 / €13.67 a month to join hundreds of your colleagues, peers and competitors on 10 November. Agenda sessions include:

Redefining retail: How to future-proof

With Kati Chitrakorn, retail and marketing editor

Lessons in community building from the next generation of fashion

With Lucy Maguire, trends editor

Luxury’s next era: Localisation

With Hilary Milnes, executive Americas editor

Why the future of fashion isn’t ‘either/or’

With Maghan McDowell, senior innovation editor

Beyond adaptive fashion: How to make design work for everyone

With Bella Webb, sustainability editor

Advanced Member session: Taking control of fashion’s supply chain

With Kirsty McGregor, senior European editor

As a Vogue Business Member, you can also enjoy access to an unlimited number of articles, including the Web3 and metaverse live stream; our five-part Business of Influence series charting the evolution of fashion’s creator economy; and our brand new series lifting the lid on Gen Z’s social media habits and their impact on fashion consumption.


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