Web Summit – Tickets will sell out this week

On track to sell out this week.

We’ve rerun the numbers.
Web Summit will be sold out by October 16.
You heard it here first.

Prices increase for the final time on Thursday.


Join them…

Noam Chomsky & Gary Marcus

Debunking the great AI lie

The father of modern linguistics, Noam Chomsky, will virtually join scientist, author and entrepreneur Gary Marcus for a wide-ranging discussion that touches on why the myths surrounding AI are so dangerous, the inadvisability of relying on artificial intelligence tech as a world-saver, and where it all went wrong.

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Naomi Gleit

The metaverse and the future of the internet

Will we exit the internet and enter the metaverse? Or will the two exist, side by side, in a more immersive, symbiotic, 3D-experience? Meta’s head of product, Naomi Gleit, discusses what the future has in store for us.

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Amrapali Gan & Lottie Moss

Owning your niche: Monetise your fans’ attention

Join this session for a discussion between OnlyFans CEO Amrapali Gan and model Lottie Moss as they explore how OnlyFans gives creators the opportunity to connect with their fanbase directly without algorithms – and without social stigma.

Time’s running out.


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