Get ready to tune into the Magic of Christmas across Ireland and around the world

CHRISTMAS FM online around the world and across Ireland on designated radio stations is set to return to live programming later this month (28 November) and broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week, bringing the magic of Christmas throughout the festive season.

Christmas FM will soon be broadcasting live on radio across Ireland and around the world online

While spreading the global message of good cheer, the family of Christmas radio stations filled with festive content has launched ‘The Magic of Christmas’ initiative, bringing together a number of Ireland’s leading children’s charities as official charity partners. The full list is available online at and at and the aim is to raise €1 million in the next three years for children who need it most: Christmas FM online is accepting donations for the country’s best known children’s charities, and opportunities to donate by phone call or text message will open when the live broadcast begins later this month.

Listen every day to Christmas FM later this month online around the world and on radio across Ireland

Singers, musicians and songwriters from across Ireland are being invited to answer the call for the next festive song that could spread Christmas cheer and goodwill, the Ryanair Gift Card Christmas FM Song Contest now open for submissions. Simply write and record an original festive tune or a cover version and fill out the online entry form at

Be part of the goal to raise funds for children who need it most by donating at Christmas FM

Meanwhile listen live on radio to Christmas FM from 28 November until 27 December, online and on social media until 1am on 1 January and be sure to give a little to get a lot this festive season.

Enter an original festive song or cover version for a chance to win the Ryanair Gift Card Christmas FM Song Contest


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