JA Javits New York Jewelry Show: All that Glitters, The Top Fabulous Trends

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Cristina Sabatini NY horz model image costume 11-2 (2) cropped use this.jpg

Beauty and the best. Image: Cristinasabatini.com.

The JA Jewelry show, held at the massive, glass enclosed Javits Center in New York City is the largest jewelry trade show organized on the East Coast. This means that only jewelry retailers or those artisans and designers that create jewelry for sale can make purchases. So this show is not open to the public. Not to worry, your intrepid luxury journalist was on the scene for you. Now I can report to you all of the hottest looks and must-have designs in the world of gems and jewelry.

David Kord artisan ring (2) cropped horiz.JPG

Number one trend alert? Color. From high jewelry to fashion and trend styles, color is the big news in the jewelry market. Magnificent fire opal cradled in a striking diamond setting by David Kord.

Hasbani girl with multiple rings 11-2 (2) cropped horiz.JPG

Boo hoo. This poor model missed the show. No need to cry when she’s covered in the latest full spectrum of multi-hued diamond and fancy gemstone cocktail rings by Hasbani Gioielli, based in Milan.

David Kord opal earrings (2) cropped horiz.JPG

Trend alert number two: opals. Opals in all colors, from milky, luminous pearly white to deep, beguiling ocean blue, to vibrant multihued fire opals. Brilliant diamond and opal earrings by David Kord, one of the industry’s most prestigious colored stone brands.

Nouriely Emerald ring 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

Trend alert number three: rich, green emeralds, seen everywhere. 13.44ct Natural Zambian cushion cut emerald,
pink sapphires and light yellow marquise shaped diamonds create this breathtaking ring, by Nouriely Jewels, based in New York.

nouriely jewels double swirl diam ring (2) cropped.jpg

Exceptional diamond ring in an elegant swirly motif, Nouriely Jewels.

nouriely jewels diam necklace (2) cropped.jpg

Impressive diamond pendant choker, an heirloom to pass down. Nouriely Jewels.

nouriely jewels diam ring 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

Contemporary square motif diamond ring by Nouriely Jewels.

Royal chain model image 11-2 (2) cropped.jpeg

Gold reigns supreme in thick chains and graceful bracelets, by Phillip Gavriel.

Royal chain bangles 11-2 (2) cropped.jpeg

Everyday luxury. Sterling silver, gold and colorful gemstones are crafted to fashion these up-trending bangles. Phillip Gavriel.

Royal chain blk dress 11-2 (2) cropped.jpeg

Coordinated set of heavy sterling silver links by Phillip Gavriel. This is trend alert four: massive, bold chain links that make a major statement.

Royal chain mens model 11-2 (2) cropped.jpeg

Men’s dog tag necklace and bracelets sparkle with added gems. Phillip Gavriel.

sPhillip Gavriel ilver-18k-gold-big-bold-link-cable-bracelet- match with model wearing 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

Richly textured sterling and gold men’s chain link bracelet. Phillip Gavriel.

Royal chain group rainbow hoop earring 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

A rainbow of semi-precious stones. Glorious earrings by Phillip Gavriel.

Royal chain rainbpw necklace 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

Happy rainbows, stars and a diamond embellished moon. A cheerful pendant necklace of dreams. Phillip Gavriel.

Royal chain group honeycomb bracelet 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

Lustrous gold honeycomb bangle studded with diamonds. Phillip Gavriel. Yes, please.

Javits cloisone TX Chinese Oriental Arts Co. bigger .jpg

Trend alert five: bigger is better. Necklace fashioned with cloisonné enameled beads the size of a robin’s egg. Oriental Arts Company. Image source: author.

Javits bold necklaces statement Oriental arts.jpg

Bold statement necklaces in every imaginable color of semi-precious stones. Oriental Arts Company. Image source: author.

ComeTai blk wht diam love bracelet 11-2 (2) cropped.JPG

Trend alert six: love. Any way you say it or wear it. Black and white diamond bracelet by ComeTai, based in Hong Kong.

ComeTai wht diamond love bracelet.JPG

You can never have enough love. White diamond bracelet by ComeTai.

Mia jewelry star choker 11-2 (2) cropped.JPG

Layers of shining 18K gold filled chokers by Mia Jewels.

Mia Jewelry evil eye bracelets 11-2 cropped.JPG

Evil eye jewelry is trend alert seven. From fashion to fine jewelry, this charm continues to be incredibly popular. Protect yourself from the stray malevolent glare with this talisman which dates back to the 6th century BC. (Some things never change.) Mia Jewels.

Mia jewelry color 11-2 (2) cropped.JPG

Here’s trend alert eight. Enamel, in every colorway, which ties in with trend alert one, the power of color. Mia Jewels.

Mia Jewelry enamel chains 11-2 (2) cropped.JPG

These simple, boldly colored enamel chains were seen at many fashion booths at the Javits show. They are inexpensive and will add a pop of color to any outfit. Mia Jewels.

javits buyer admiring booth.jpg

A buyer admiring a display at the show. Image source: author.

javits Taka booth.jpg

The Taka Jewellery booth was super busy. This brand sells reasonably priced diamond merchandise and is based in Singapore. Image source: author.

Javits Divine Jewels friendly sale girl.jpg

Friendly salesgirl of Divine Jewels, based in New York and Jaipur, India. Image source: author.

Divine jewels antique red bangle 11-2.JPG

Vibrant red floral bracelet by Divine Jewels.

Divine jewels Kundan red chocker 11-2.JPG

Lovely traditional Kundan design choker, Divine Jewels.

Divine jewels silver cotton thread necklace 11-2.JPG

Traditional Indian necklace of silver pendant and colorful cotton thread. Divine Jewels.

Divine jewels antique bird bangle silver 11-2 (3) cropped.JPG

Fanciful antique bird bangle in painted enamel and silver. Divine Jewels.

Javits zillions of strands pearls.jpg

Miles of strands of iridescent freshwater pearls, piled upon table after table, in every color you can imagine. Pearls are trend alert nine. Image source: author.

Javits pearl flowers.jpg

Shimmering pearl flowers in every color. Image source: author.

Javits loose tourmalines .jpg

A smorgasbord of stunning loose tourmaline gemstones. Why do we love this gem? Tourmalines have the widest color range of any gemstone…which brings us back to you-know-where; trend alert one. Image source: author.

Javits cocktail hour in Cristina's booth.jpg

Whew! Running up and down the aisles searching for the hottest trends at the Javits Center is tiring work. So it’s time for a refreshing mimosa. Thank goodness Cristina Sabatini, the ever gracious jewelry designer creates a welcoming environment for her buyers. Image source: author.

CRISTINASABATINI blk green crystals (2).jpg

Stunning jade and black crystal zipper necklace and earring set. Cristina Sabatini.

CRISTINASABATINI_crystal fringe earrings (2).jpg

Meant to be seen. Bold crystal fringe earrings and statement cocktail rings. Cristina Sabatini.

Cristina Sabatini baroque perals (2).jpg

Ladylike freshwater pearls dangle on a golden chain. Cristina Sabatini.

Cristina Sabatini silk inside gold bangle (2).JPG

Dramatic silk flows through a sculptural 18K gold plated bronze necklace. Cristina Sabatini.

CristinaSabatini silk inside ring (2).jpg

Inventive design. Silk is twisted through this elegant, amorphous ring, creating a playful blend of textures. Cristina Sabatini.

CRISTINASABATINI_ blk crystal and pearls (2).jpg

Resplendent in black crystals and creamy pearls. Cristina Sabatini.

CRISTINASABATINI crystal and pearl (2).jpg

All out glamour. The Cristina Sabatini jewelry brand is based in New York.

Olivia B blue topaz and diam ear.JPG

Topaz and diamond earrings by Olivia B Jewelry.

Olivia B 14K gold diam ear.JPG

Eye-catching 14K gold “flying saucer” earrings. Olivia B Jewelry.

Olivia B pink tourmaline neck.JPG

Dainty pink tourmaline necklace. Olivia B Jewelry.

JA Show 11-2 carnelians (2) Olivia B.JPG

Enchanting carnelian and citrine set by Olivia B Jewelry.

Karin Jamieson Jewelry Moonstone set.JPG

Moonstones in shades of lush earth tones. Karin Jamieson Jewelry, handcrafted in Cincinnati.

Karin Jamieson Jewelry Nappa leather wrap bracelet 11-2.JPG

Nappa leather wrap bracelet with citrine charm by Karin Jamieson, whose artisan jewelry is inspired by nature.

Karin Jamieson Aquaprase pendant necklace (2) cropped.jpg

Chocolate diamond bead Aquaprase shield pendant necklace, Karin Jamieson. Recently discovered in 2016, Aquaprase is a new arrival to the world of colored gemstones. The translucent stone features a blue-green color reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea.

Park and Lex beaded-gemstone-bracelets-groip of 3 group- (2) cropped use.jpg

Hand stitched gemstone bracelets in a celebration of rainbow colors by Park & Lex Jewelry, based in New York.

Park and Lex beaded zodiac bracelet gemini (2).jpg

Shades of the zodiac. Gemini bracelet by Park & Lex Jewelry.

Park and Lex rainbow-beaded-gemstone-bracelet-single (2) cropped.jpg

Beaded gemstone bracelet with a touch of gold. All jewelry by Park & Lex is produced in New York City.

Park and Lex carnelian-silver-spoked-hexagon-earrings_ (2) cropped.jpg

Carnelian drop earrings by Park & Lex.

Javits Lings jade butterfly 25,000.jpg

Stunning, untreated Burmese jade carved butterfly with diamonds by Lings Jewelry of Plano, Texas. This piece was priced at $25,000.00 wholesale at the show. Image source: author.

Hasbani yellow gold pyramid rind 11-2.JPG

Yellow gold pyramid ring by Hasbani Gioielli S.p.A. of Milan.

Hasbani Bracelet Ruby diam (2).jpg

Majestic ruby and diamond flexible bracelet, Hasbani.

Hasbani heart shaped emerald diam 18K gold ring.JPG

Heart shaped emerald surrounded by breathtaking diamonds. Ring by Hasbani.

Hasbani coral and diam bangle bracelet.JPG

Regal coral, gold and diamond bangle by Hasbani.

Hasbani interlocking hearts pendant neck.JPG

Enchanting interlocking hearts pendant of diamonds and gold by Hasbani. (See trend alert six.)

Hasbani pearls, diam 18K gold bracelet.JPG

The choicest pearls are selected for this precious bracelet, fashioned with 18K yellow gold and diamonds. Hasbani.

Hasbani emerelad waterfall earrings, diam. 18K gold.JPG

Opulent emerald and diamond waterfall earrings by Hasbani.

Modern Moghul coral cabochans, diam set as wide cuff 11-3.JPG

Cabochon coral stones are set with diamonds in a wide cuff bracelet by Modern Moghul, a handmade jewelry brand based in Jaipur, India.

Modern Moghul Tamira Pendant sapphire and enamel eye turquoise.JPG

Trend alert ten: charms and talismans, which people have been wearing since time immemorial. Striking sapphire and enamel eye set with gold vermeil and turquoise. Modern Moghul.

Modern Moghul freshwater pearl ring 11-2.JPG

Outstanding ring of a baroque pearl encased in diamond tendrils. Modern Moghul.

Multi sapphires modern mogul (3) cropped.jpg

Festive multi colored tourmaline and diamond earrings fashioned into a bold triangular design. Modern Moghul.

Modern Moghul Rahas Bracelet undulating wave of sapphires, rubies, diam with row of cabochan opals on outter.JPG

A sensuous, undulating wave of sapphires, rubies and diamonds is crowned with a row of cabochon opals to form this unique bracelet. Modern Moghul.

Elvinna bird in nest ring 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

Part fantasy, part sculpture, this whimsical bird in his nest ring is by the creative Elvinnia Brion.

Elvinna 4 finger bird ring 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

Four finger ring of swallows taking flight by Elvinnia Brion.

Elvinna open treasure chest ring 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

Treasure chest ring filled with jewels! A must-have piece for every collection. Elvinnia Brion.

Elvinna sushi ring 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

The two finger sushi ring by Elvinnia Brion.

Elvinna blue swan cascading beads ring 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

Blue swan embellished with cascading beadwork ring. Elvinnia Brion.

Elvinna ncklace w shawl ble pink batik 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

Andjani Yapong Dance. Glorious handcrafted shawl-necklace in the Indonesian tradition. Hand drawn batik fabric, embroidery, dancing figure pendant. Elvinnia Brion.

Elvinna shawl necklace blue pearls 11-2 (2) cropped use.jpg

Andjani Lumbung. Stunning shawl-necklace of handcrafted batik fabric, gold plated filigree, engraved silver, pearls and gemstones. Elvinnia Brion.

Elvinna shawl neck pearls 11-2 (2) cropped.jpg

A masterful Andjani Borobudur shawl-necklace. Hand drawn silk batik, gold filigree, pearls, druzy and tiger eye gemstones. By Elvinnia Brion.

Hope you enjoyed the Javits New York Jewelry Show, where we are treated to the most fabulous jewelry from around the globe. See you for the next show!


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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