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Salamino Fabric Snake Foam-Filled Draught Excluder

An Eco-Friendly way of keeping draughts out of your home. This attractive fabric foam-filled snake draught excluder is an ideal way of saving energy.

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Exitex Under Door Foam Draught Excluder

This under-the-door draught excluder is easy to fit and seals gaps up to 22mm ensuring draughts are minimized. This can result in energy savings of up to 35%.

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Supawarm Plug In Heater

An ideal and efficient way of heating a targeted area for example under a work desk or beside a chair. With an easy to read LED display and a temperature range of 18 to 32 degrees, this handy plug-in heater is an ideal companion during these winter months.

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De Vielle 1200W Oscillating Halogen Heater

This energy-efficient oscillating Halogen Heater has 3 settings and a tip-over safety function. Ideal for keeping heat circulating in most rooms.

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Kingavon 500 Watt Mini Oil Filled Radiator

This 500w Mini oil filled radiator comes with one setting, a thermostat and simple controls. Ideal for providing a large amount of heat over a sustained period.

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Pifco 2000W Flat / Upright Fan Heater

This upright Fan heater has an impressive 2000w of power. It can lie flat or upright and has an adjustable thermostat.

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Kingavon 2KW Industrial Heater

This 2KW Industrial Heater is ideal for Garages, Workshops or Warehouses. It is quiet and produces no fumes, odours or humidity.

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Exitex Radiator Heat Reflector Foil – 5m x 0.5m

Prevent heat from being absorbed back into the wall and reflects it back into your room.

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