Newbridge Silverware Celtic collection celebrates St Brigid

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INSPIRED by St Brigid’s Day celebrated annually on 1 February, the creators at Newbridge Silverware each with a wealth of experience have crafted the Celtic collections for today while making heirlooms for tomorrow.

1 StBrigidsDayNewbridge

This year marks 1,500 years since the death of St Brigid, abbess and the ‘Mother Saint’ of Ireland. Those same creators of fine jewellery have created a collection of pieces at the home of Newbridge Silverware in County Kildare Ireland in the heart of the Mother Saint of Ireland.

2 ShopStBrigidsDay

Crafted to showcase the notable central lozenge, the cross of St Brigid in all its variations is thought to banish the threat of evil, fire and hunger at home and thanks to the inspired collection at Newbridge Silverware, when worn. Also created for the collection is the Tree of Life, a symbol of many of the world’s mythological, religious and philosophical traditions that first appears in folklore as the source of eternal life in the Garden of Eden, re-imagined in striking jewellery. The collection includes pieces representing the crowned heart held by two hands of the Claddagh for its love, loyalty and friendship, and the Celtic collection is inspired by the history of the Irish landscape in heritage pieces with a contemporary twist, reflecting the spirals and rings found in megalithic art.

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Find pieces inspired by St Brigid, the Claddagh and the Celtic world in the online showrooms at Newbridge Silverware at and in participating stores across Ireland.

4 NewbridgeTreeOfLifeCollection

Celebrate the 1,500th anniversary since St Brigid walked the earth, leaving a legacy of springtime and renewal, created at Newbridge Silverware and part of the Celtic collection trio featuring the Tree of Life and the Claddagh.


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Image credits: Newbridge Silverware

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