International Day of Yoga Sales Event At Liforme

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Wondering what this is?

Take Up To 30% Off in honor of International Day of Yoga in June + We Will Donate 3% of Your Order Value to your Chosen Charitable Cause or Plant 5 Trees in Your Name!

Plus, Enjoy an EXTRA 5% Off When You Purchase 2 Mats & an EXTRA 10% Off When Buying 3 or More!

Liforme Mindful Garden Yoga Mat - Olive/Floral image 1

£140.00  £112.00

Liforme Yoga Mat - Purple Earth image 1

£110.00  £88.00

Liforme Rainbow Hope Travel Mat - Yellow/Rainbow image 1

£120.00  £96.00
Liforme 'White Magic' Travel Mat - White/Gold image 1
£125.00 £100.00
Liforme Ultimate Everyday Yoga Mat Cleaner image 1
£18.00 £12.60

Liforme Water Bottle 710ml - Pink image 1

£38.00 £26.60

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