Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024-2025 – Top Designer Looks, Must See Trends

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Milan 2-24 FW horizontal image use thiss.JPG

The sheer trend continues for men and women, Ferrari. Donatella displays her design prowess in sculpting leather for all fashionable goddesses, Versace. Underwear is outerwear so best to keep a coat on at Dolce & Gabbana. What the world needs now, the smiley face sweater by Moschino. Bold, abstract prints by Daniela Gregis. Lush, supercar red faux fur by Ferrari. All images credit unless noted.

Milan 2-24 FR women silver cropped.JPG

”Take me to your designer.“ Out-of-this-world glowing metallic suit by Ferrari. Desirable luxury apparel by Creative Director Roco Iannoe.

Milan 2-24 FR women blue skirt cropped.JPG

Chic navy ensemble, Ferrari.

Milan 2-24 FR womens gown cropped.JPG

Sleek silk gown by Ferrari flows like liquid silver. It’s enough to set your heart racing.

Milan 2-24 FR women red coat cropped.JPG

Luxuriant Ferrari red ensemble. Imagine gracefully stepping out of a classic Giallo Modena Ferrari, (triple yellow paint) in this rich red ensemble. Mamma mia! Glorious!

Minlan 2-24 FR mens blue ensemble cropped.JPG

Brilliant cobalt blue leathers by Ferrari.

Milan 2-24 FR mens sheet top w gloves cropped.JPG

Suggestion: Keep the Ferrari’s convertible top up while wearing these racy togs, or someone may catch a nasty cold. Menswear by Ferrari.

Watch the supercharged Ferrari fashion show here.

Milan 2-24 MM blk top w skirt cropped.JPG

Classic Max Mara by Ian Griffiths.

Milan 2-24 MM shorts w maxi coat cropped.JPG

Max Mara. The maxi coat over shorts or a mini is a major trend for 2024-25.

Milan 2-24 MM brwn wrap cropped.JPG

Max Mara. Asymmetrical wrap jacket and must-have wide leg trousers.

Milan 2-24 MM double br w swtr cropped.JPG

Classic tailoring and impeccable fabrics. Max Mara

Milan 2-24 MM coat.JPG

Famous for their sumptuous outerwear, the success of Max Mara’s Teddy Bear Icon Coat has influenced designers worldwide. This new mahogany brown wrap coat is also faux fur.

Watch the entire Max Mara runway show here.

Milan 2-24 PR wht bows fur.JPG

1950’s silhouettes and feminine bows were introduced at the Prada show.

Milan 2-24 PR purp bows belt bag.JPG

A wealth of bows. Handbags were suspended on a leather strap and worn in the crook of the arm. Prada.

Milan 2-24 PR baseball jkt V.JPG

Prada varsity jacket, skirt with scalloped slip peeking out.

MIlan 2-24 PR pink.JPG

Blush pink chiffon dress embellished with dimensional floral detail. Note the knee-high leather boots, another important fall-winter 2024-25 trend. Prada, designed by Miuccia Prada and co-creative director Raf Simons.

Milan 2-24 PR feather hat.JPG

Feather cap at Prada.

Many ensembles featured a different look or slip revealed on the back of the garment, so you’ll need to:

Watch the entire Prada fashion show here.

Milan 2-24 FN asy top.JPG

Luxurious materials and exquisite tailoring by Kim Jones for Fendi.

Milan 2-24 FN blue leather cropped.JPG

Cobalt blue leather jacket paired with leather trousers and boots. Fendi.

Milan 2-24 FN grn coat.JPG

Forest green faux fur trench paired with must-have thigh high boots. Fendi.

Milan 2-24 FN Madonna shift dress.JPG

Madonna shift dress. Fendi.

Milan 2-24 FN wrap sweater.JPG

Cozy aubergine knit wrap coordinated with navy blue coat cut in an hourglass silhouette. Fendi.

Milan 2-24 FN sweater detail.JPG

Innovative knit topper over trim wool suit. Fendi.

Milan 2-24 FN detail bag.JPG

Layered handbags and accessories. Fendi.

Watch the entire Fendi runway show here.

Milan 2-24 AF fur jkt.JPG

Shades of autumn were celebrated at the Alberta Ferretti show. Pumpkin, mustard and a rich chestnut brown were spotted on the runway.

Milan 2-24 AF peach gown.JPG

Pale apricot satin gown by Alberta Ferretti.

Milan 2-24 AF blk lace.JPG

Lingerie as outerwear was seen on many Milan runways. Alberta Ferretti.

Milan 2-24 AF tie dye stripes.JPG

Tie-dye inspired separates paired with a textured umber coat. Alberta Ferretti.

Milan 2-24 AF grey flannel.JPG

Delicate lacey blouse paired with flannel trousers and full length tweed coat. Alberta Ferretti.

Milan 2-24 AF gold vest.JPG

A “wow” on the partywear meter; metallic disc embellished bell bottoms and fitted vest. Alberta Ferretti.

Watch the entire Alberta Ferretti runway show here.

Milan 2-24 RC high low.JPG

Attractive high-low gown by Roberto Cavalli.

Milan 2-24 RC mini.JPG

Fausto Puglisi, Creative Director for Roberto Cavalli, photographed colorful images of ancient marble in his native Sicily to recreate as patterns for this collection, entitled, “Marbelous.”

Milan 2-24 RC 2 pc blk.JPG

Drama by Roberto Cavalli.

Milan 2-24 RC shorts.JPG

Roberto Cavalli.

Milan 2-24 RC lace w marble.JPG

A mélange of sheer and opaque fabrics fashion delicate and stylish tops, when you’d like to embrace the sheer trend but don’t want to completely expose yourself. Roberto Cavalli.

Watch the entire Roberto Cavalli fashion show here.

Milan 2-24 EA multi fur cropped.JPG

Fun fur by the Maestro, Giorgio Armani for Emporio Armani.

Milan 2-24 EA grey.JPG

Textured jacket paired with layered skirt. Emporio Armani.

Milan 2-24 EA blue 2 pc cropped.JPG

Classic Armani silhouette speaks of luxurious Italian savoir faire. Emporio Armani.

Milan 2-24 EA blk t shirt cropped.JPG

So casual yet divinely chic. That’s Armani.

Milan 2-24 EA grey pants cropped.JPG

Cropped silk jacket paired with full trousers and jaunty beret. Emporio Armani.

Milan 2-24 EA textured jkt.JPG

Outstanding mandarin collar textured jacket with coordinated trousers. Emporio Armani.

Milan 2-24 EA floral.JPG

Graceful appliquéd and tiered chiffon floral gown. Emporio Armani.

Watch the entire Emporio Armani runway show here.

Milan 2-24 GP cream swtr cropped.JPG

Toasty, sophisticated knitwear ensemble by Gentry Portofino. Image credit: Camera Nazionale della Moda

Milan 2-24 GP hoodies swtr ceropped.JPG

Comfy, cozy sweater knit hoodie by Gentry Portofino.

Milan 2-24 GP marron fau fur cropped.JPG

Full length faux furs are a hot trend for Fall/Winter 2024-25. Gentry Portofino.

Milan 2-24 GP charcoal swtr camermoda.JPG

Wear-with-everything long knit cardigan coat in charcoal by Gentry Portofino.

Milan 2-24 DS pattern jkt cropped.JPG

Über cool streetwear by Diesel.

Milan 2-24 DS silver jeans mens V cropped.JPG

Silver painted skinny jeans. Menswear by Diesel.

Milan 2-24 DS minicropped.JPG

Bold color, cropped top and micro mini by Glenn Martens for Diesel.

Milan 2-24 DS blk wht coat cropped.JPG

Fab faux fur by Diesel.

Milan 2-24 DS women sheer legs denim cropped cropped.JPG

Luxe urban streetwear by Diesel. A novel take on the sheer trend, the transparent fabric is worked into the denim jeans.

Milan 2-24 DS mens wht coat cropped.JPG

Polar bear fashion. Diesel.

Milan 2-24 DS mens parka cropped.JPG

Incredible leather parka. Diesel.

Milan 2-24 DS crop jkt.JPG

No, this model doesn’t have a beard. It’s a wild, shaggy hoodie. The cropped, fur trimmed jacket is a major trend. Diesel.

Milan 2-24 DS mens ensemble faux hair cropped.JPG

Urbanwear that makes a statement. Synthetic hair accents the extraordinary textural jacket and trousers for Diesel.

Watch the entire Diesel runway show here.

Milan 2-24 DS gold daniela cropped.JPG

Avant-garde designer Daniela Gregis uses color and texture to create her spirited apparel. Image credit: Camera Nazionale della Moda

Milan 2-24 DS mens blue daniela.JPG

Varying shades of blue. Daniela Gregis.

Milan 2-24 DS mens jkt camermoda.JPG

Hand painted images by Daniela Gregis became textiles.

Milan 2-24 TF leather women.JPG

Sexy bodycon leather ensemble by creative director Peter Hawkings for the Tom Ford brand.

Milan 2-24 TF mens cream blk.JPG

Clubwear by Tom Ford.

Milan 2-24 TF purple sheer v.JPG

Deep purple gown. Tom Ford.

Milan 2-24 TF mens military.JPG

Military inspired menswear, Tom Ford.

Milan 2-24 TF burnout gown.JPG

Burnout velvet halter gown, Tom Ford.

Milan 2-24 TF brwn leather.JPG

Rich espresso brown leather jacket paired with similar color trousers. Tom Ford.

Milan 2-24 TF wht tier gown.JPG

Totally tiered halter gown, Tom Ford.

Milan 2-24 TF mens cleavage suit.JPG

Uptrending is “he-vage,” (male cleavage.) This look is accomplished by wearing low V-necks. Tom Ford.

Watch the entire Tom Ford runway show here.

Milan 2-24 GU baby blue.JPG

Baby blue continues as an accent color into 2024-25. Gucci.

Milan 2-24 GU cream shorts suit.JPG

A new accent color, seen on many runways for Fall/Winter 2024-25 is all variations of yellow. Gucci.

Milan 2-24 GU sheer navy.JPG

Lingerie as outerwear continues as a major trend. Sabato De Sarno for Gucci.

Milan 2-24 GU no pants.JPG

The trouserless look, which we saw on numerous runways six months ago remains popular for Fall/Winter 2024-25. This look is currently trending on the streets of Milan. Gucci.

Watch the entire Gucci runway show here.

Milan 2-24 VR silver chain mail short cropped.JPG

Chain mail never looked so good. Red carpet-wear by Versace.

Milan 2-24 VR mens shirt cropped.JPG

Classic Versace prints always look chic.

Milan 2-24 VR red plaid cropped.JPG

Donatella does plaid. Versace.

Milan 2-24 VR thigh high boots cropped.JPG

Fitted jacket, slim trousers and stunning thigh high leather boots. Versace.

Milan 2-24 VR blk chain mail cropped.JPG

No need to worry, the glorious chain mail gown is available in full length. Versace.

Watch the entire Versace runway show here.

Milan 2-24 DG liquid gold trousers cropped.JPG

Spencer jacket, bralette, liquid gold trousers. Dolce & Gabbana.

Milan 2-24 DG Hussar jkt cropped.JPG

Trim Hussar jacket paired with micro shorts and cummerbund. Dolce & Gabbana.

Milan 2-24 DG tux lingerie v specer jkt cropped.JPG

The tuxedo-lingerie look, as perfected by Dolce & Gabbana.

Milan 2-24 DG no trousers cropped.JPG

Hourglass shaped tuxedo jacket worn trouserless. Dolce & Gabbana.

Watch the entire Dolce & Gabbana runway show here.

Milan 2-24 ET mens embr coat cropped.JPG

Lavishly embroidered leather coat by Etro.

Milan 2-24 ET etnic pattern cropped.JPG

Etro is known for their fantastic ethic inspired patterns.

Milan 2-24 ET mens swtr.JPG

Etro detailed sweater and leather trousers for men.

Watch the entire Etro runway show here.

Milan 2-24 TJ all boucle cropped.JPG

Bouclé ensemble by Tokyo James.

Milan 2-24 TJ pale blue cropped.JPG

Hand woven fabric fashioned into a textural suit. Tokyo James.

Milan 2-24 TJ wood baeds pants V cropped.JPG

Trousers embellished with wooden beads. Tokyo James.

Milan 2-24 LB pattern cropped.JPG

Laura Biagiotti debuted her imaginative fashions in 1972. The brand is known for its use of precious yarns in unconventional ways.

Milan 2-24 LB taupes cropped.JPG

Laura Biagiotti is famous for her artistic use of cashmere.

Milan 2-24 LB fringe cropped.JPG

Fringed knit dress by Laura Biagiotti.

Milan 2-24 LB sweater dress cropped.JPG

Stunning knit sheath gown by Laura Biagiotti.

Watch the lovely Laura Biagiotti runway show here.


Hope you were inspired by the sensational creativity we found at Milan Fashion Week. See you soon!


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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