Fun & Games Range at English Heritage Shop

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Fun & Games Range at English Heritage Shop
Fun for all ages at English Heritage Shop. Click here to view all our fun toys and games, with something for play at any age! From board games, to recreation items and soft toys, we have something for everyone.


Croaker Plush Toy

 Croaker Plush ToyFrom the much-loved brand Jellycat, the croaker plush toy is a must have for any soft toy collection. With a lovely gold crown, this bright-eyed amphibian will make a great gift for any age.

Our Price £15.00

Dragon Dexter Plush Toy

 Dragon Dexter Plush ToyBeautifully textured blue and red fur with soft horns, stitched wings and a pointy tail, this fiery dragon is wonderfully cuddly and a perfect gift for all ages.

Our Price £50.00

Pumpkin Jack Plush Toy

 Pumpkin Jack Plush ToyIts spooky season and this cute Jack O’Lantern is here to stay. Adorably soft with rust-red textured segments, the Jellycat pumpkin makes the perfect Autumn companion.

Our Price £16.00

Gold Star Plush Toy

 Gold Star Plush ToyMade of stretchy glitter with a friendly stitch smile and shiny boots, this super star can sit on its own and brighten up any room.

Our Price £15.00

Hornby iTraveller 6000 Train Set

 Hornby iTraveller 6000 Train SetThe iTraveller 6000 Train Set is the model railway of the future! This set features a train inspired by cutting edge technology.

Our Price £125.00

Sunography Cards

 Sunography CardsSunography Colour Cards are 3” x 5” (7.6 x 12.7 cm ) cards in an assortment of five bright colours. The cards are made from 270 gsm hot press paper so they are thick and sturdy.

Our Price £9.75

Colour of the Moon Puzzle

 Colour of the Moon PuzzleColours of the Moon 500-piece jigsaw, contains images documented by astrophotographer Marcella Julia Pace over a 10-year period from different location in her native, Italy.

Our Price £13.99

Pillow Fight – Medieval Bludgeon

 Pillow Fight - Medieval BludgeonBecome a fearless medieval warrior and have the ultimate pillow fight with this knight’s bludgeon.

Our Price £13.00

Papo Figure – Gladiator

 Papo Figure - GladiatorPapo Gold Figure – Gladiator is hand painted and is sculpted and designed from the era it represents.

Our Price £8.50

Army Soldiers with Storage Bag

 Army Soldiers with Storage BagThese army soldiers are ready to follow your command and execute your strategy on the battle field to ensure victory for you.

Our Price £8.00

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