Transform Your Sleep Space with Laybrook’s Spring Sale!

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Revitalize your bedroom and elevate your sleep experience with Laybrook’s exclusive Spring Sale! Explore unbeatable deals on adjustable beds, mattresses, and more to transform your sleep space into a haven of comfort and style.
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Thornbury Twin adjustable bed

Thornbury Adjustable Bed
RRP : £8̶9̶5̶
Our Price: £795( £954 inc vat )Includes mattresses
You save : £100.00

Ripley Twin Grey

Ripley Adjustable Bed
RRP : £1̶2̶9̶5̶
Our Price: £995( £1194 inc vat )Includes mattresses
You save : £300.00

Single Solid Oak Ashby Bed

Ashby Oak Adjustable Bed
RRP : £1̶5̶9̶5̶
Our Price: £1495( £1794 inc vat )
You save : £100.00

Layturn Adjustable Single Bed 25 Stone RRP : £9̶8̶4̶5̶

Layturn Adjustable Single Bed 25 Stone
RRP : £9̶8̶4̶5̶
Our Price: £8845( £10614 inc vat )
This bed has a rent to buy option for £2200.00

Adjustable twin bed with headboards

Corfe Adjustable Electric Bed
RRP : £8̶4̶5̶
Our Price: £745( £894 inc vat )Includes mattress
You save : £100.00

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