A summer to remember – Dorechester Collection

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An extra dimension of delight

For the ultimate Dorchester Collection experience, our Stay & Indulge option adds the warm welcome of complimentary credit at any of our ten beautiful hotels around the world. But which one to choose?

Stay & Indulge in the UK

From balmy London evenings to our idyllic wildflower meadow, there’s no better season than summer for exploring the unique pleasures of our three UK hotels.

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The Dorchester

The remarkable hotel at the heart of London and beside the city’s finest royal park, The Dorchester is alive with the bold spirit of its legendary address where sophistication and inspiration have thrived since 1931.

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45 Park Lane

Dazzling, glamorous and remarkably good fun, 45 Park Lane is a place of warm intimacy dressed in the finery of style and delivering a high chance of bliss amongst the best of the city.

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Coworth Park

We all need a place where we can drink the wild air, relax the shoulders and know nothing but sublime, unhurried comfort in which to eat, to sleep, to recharge. This place is Coworth Park.

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