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Dressing Up for Dinner Isn’t Just Fun—It’s a Question of Respect
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“This is true whether the menu is $400 or $40 a head.”
A Special Glimpse Behind the Scenes of the 2024 Westminster Dog Show
Westminster2024 SinnaNasseri 029WEB
Photographer Sinna Nasseri was on the ground to capture the enchanting tapestry of dogs and their entourage of owners, handlers, and—most importantly—groomers at what Judge Kramer called “the Oscars” .
Closely Crafted Hosted an Evening of Honoring the Craft of Fashion
BFA 45101 6355882
There to support the organization, founded by Gigi Burris-O’Hara, were fellow designers Willy Chavarria, Brandon Maxwell, Christopher John Rogers, Maxwell Osborne, and Ashylnn Park…
Hailey Bieber’s Pregnancy Looks Are Predictably Anti-Maternity
An oversized Balenciaga blazer and a stomach-baring crop top is what a pregnant Hailey Bieber was always going to wear….
How Stars are Subverting the Cannes Film Festival’s Archaic Stilettos Rule
GettyImages 2152902267
Heels were once a mandatory part of the festival dress code—but stars are now finding the most unconventional styles possible….

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