Inside London Fashion Week’s ‘cultural moment’

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Inside the revamped June edition of London Fashion Week
By Maliha Shoaib
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The three-day event put a spotlight on the South Asian, Black and queer communities in an attempt to carve out a point of difference during men’s fashion month.
The industry reacts to Virginie Viard leaving Chanel
By Laure Guilbault
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Commentators praise the five-year tenure of the artistic director of fashion collections.
London calling: Unpicking Shein’s likely IPO
By Gemma A Williams
Fast fashion giant Shein looks set for flotation in London after plans for New York fell apart. What are the implications for the fashion industry as Shein’s business model comes under scrutiny? [Member-only]
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Inside Louis Vuitton’s high jewellery trip to Saint-Tropez
By Laure Guilbault
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Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of jewellery and watches Francesca Amfitheatrof sat down with Vogue Business at the event.
Show me the ingredients: The story behind fashion’s first nutrition label
By Christina Binkley
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After his work studying ionic liquid solvents was sidelined by Covid, Peter Gorse used his downtime to develop a ‘garment facts’ label fashioned on the nutrition facts labels found on food products.
Win-win: Inside the beauty industry’s support for female racing drivers
By Molly Elizabeth Agnew
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Beauty brands are backing the new stars of the motorsports world — women who are finally earning the public recognition they deserve [Member-only].
Channelling the future of luxury lands in Milan
By Vogue Business in partnership with Diana Corp and Shopify
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The Vogue Business event, held in partnership with Diana Corp and Shopify, saw representatives from a variety of luxury brands discuss their different approaches to the ever-changing world of e-commerce.

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