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Paul Mescal’s Lucius washes his hands in the sand, just as Russell Crowe’s Maximus once did in the original Gladiator.
Exclusive: Your First Look at Gladiator II
Prepare to be entertained. Led by Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal, a new generation of warriors clashes in the sequel to Ridley Scott’s epic film. “It’s pretty gnarly,” the director teases.
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Inside Emma Tucker’s Rocky Wall Street Journal Reboot
The British-born editor has injected America’s business paper of record with ambition and verve, while unnerving the newsroom with unapologetic cuts. The restructuring “may look callous,” she says. “But it’s so that we get it right, so I don’t have to do it over again.”
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Jacob Anderson Goes Deep on the “Insane” Interview With the Vampire Finale
“There’s a version of this show that is very stoic and takes itself too seriously, and I don’t think any of us ever wanted to make that show.”
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The Karen Read Trial Comes to an End—Without a Verdict
A Massachusetts woman charged with killing her police officer boyfriend faced a second-degree-murder charge, “dehumanizing” treatment by police, and a growing public chorus questioning her guilt.
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Tune out the West Wing fan fiction. Pushing out the president at this stage in the race would be a political—and logistical—nightmare.
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