What’s on The High Street: The Earthy Tones

What’s on The High Street: The Earthy Tones

Following our weekly Trend Talks, we have introduced the What’s on the High Street Feature designed for those of you that would like to dabble in the trend of discussion. This week we focused on Earthy Tones, which is set to be a big on this season. We discussed how the clothing rather than the accessories will be doing the talking here and it is all about mixing and matching different tones.

And as with most Trends, the High Street has not let us down in bringing high fashion into a more accessible arena. We have selected a few pieces from High Street Chain, Zara, who always seems to be hot off the mark with these things, so that you can try out the trend and perhaps decide if it is a hit or miss for you. Have a play around, after all is that not what fashion is all about?


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