Beauty Product of the Week: Dior Forever Undercover Luminous Foundation

Must have beauty product of the week: Dior Forever Undercover Luminous Foundation

Forget high coverage now that the weather has turned. Now it’s time to let your skin shine through and not cover it up with make up. We are absolutely loving the new Dior Forever Undercover Luminous Foundation (there is also a matte finish). With many colours to choose from this is perfect. You can get one lighter shade to mix in with your usual colour for tan down days too, the formula mixes like a dream, but ensures that you still glow. As for the coverage, it is incredibly build able but also still let’s your freckles show through. We live this look for spring summer.

To apply, use a damp beauty bender and build up where needed. Set with translucent powder to ensure it does not slide around or because more shiny than glows.

Shop the foundation here.

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