Glass Nails, the hottest trend from Korea

Hottest Latest Trend, Glass Nail designs in Korea, it was started by artist and impressionist Park Eun Kyung, owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul, who reshaped nails in the form of shredded glass, and affixed pieces on top to look like broken glass, take a look below

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Glass Nail
Korean Glass Nails @inthepynck
Holographic Glass Nails with Elongation,
latest trend from Korea
New holographic Nails, wait four days to see result,
trending now in Korea
One piece green on black glass nails @inthepynck
Jewel shaped glass nails @inthepynck
Shattered glass effect – Glass Nails @inthepynck

How to glass art nails @gel nail art, Korea nail shop

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