Delicate fashionable enamelware by Meab

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Enamelware art with indigenous Irish materials inspired from Faberge jewelry

Irish crafts such as Enamelware art have been carried out in Ireland for hundreds of years. Many ancient Irish crafted enamelled pieces date back to Celtic times. Started forty years ago, Meab developed her own type of Handmade celtic jewellery using an ‘Open Fire’ technique, using recycled copper water cylinders as pure metal base for her enameling.

open fire jewelry enameling

Irish celtic jewellery ranging from traditional to exquisite,  romantic and eye catching celtic wedding jewellery, a few of them listed below for your taste.

celtic bracelet

Bracelet made in a Torc design which can be adjusted for size. Comes in three colors, Fiery Red, Turquoise Blue and Celadon Green. With a price tag of €24.95 / USD $31.95 for Silver plated comes with a free Velvet Bag if you order online.

celtic earrings silver

Beautiful handmade earrings made in the Meab workshop in three traditional colors, Celadon Green, Fiery Red and and Pinky Mauve. The one in the picture is a jade green celadon, can be yours for €14.95 / USD $19.95.

celtic pendant

Costume Pendant light accessory made by hand, also available in two more colors. This one is shipped with a  good quality neck tie made of cotton chord. The world of Enamelware is just a click away. Bookmark this page or follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram, we pick out only the most gorgeous fashion-jewelry items from around Ireland and Europe.

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