Showcase Ireland – The Fashion Show Participants

Some of the participants of the show will be the following:

  • 31 Chapel Lane working with 100% Irish linens from Emblem Weavers, Thomas Ferguson, and Baird McNutt.
  • Ceadogan Rugs in collaboration with Helen Steele.
  • Electronic Sheep in collaboration of Fisherman out of Ireland using 100% Irish wool.
  • Ireland’s Eye working with 100% natural Irish wool.
  • Jennifer Rothwell using Irish digitally printed silk.
  • John Hanly & Co. in collaboration with Mariad Whisker.
  • Katie Hanlon Handknits in Donegal Yarns.
  • Mary Callan working with Donegal Yarns.
  • Magee Tweed in collaboration with Elks.
  • Molloy & Sons in collaboration with Natalie Coleman.

A fantastic lineup indeed, featuring some of the best Ireland has to offer! But that wasn’t all, later on work from the following was also on show:

  • Mourne textiles in collaboration with Peter O’Brien.
  • Pearl Reddington Studio.
  • Donegal Stable of Ireland in collaboration with Thomas Ferguson using John Dngland hunchback linen.
  • Thomas Ferguson in collaboration with Nuala Goodman using jacquard linen.
  • The Irish Tweed Project in collaboration with Thomas ferguson, William Clark, and Molloy & Sons.
  • Wild Cocoon in collaboration with the tailor llona Berezina using cloth handwoven by Donegal Yarns.

Many exciting collaborations which would make any Irish person proud – the products on show were amazing. Here are some of our favourite pieces from the fashion show, enjoy!







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