No.1 Rosemary Water – new exclusive launch

No. 1 Rosemary Water, the world’s first pure rosemary extract drink, launches next week following rosemary being heralded by experts and academics as a possible key to a longer, healthier life.

The distinctive drink was inspired by Acciaroli, a remarkable Italian village in which more than one in 10 residents lives to the age of 100 and one with low incidences of Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cataracts and other ailments associated with very old age.

After reading the articles in the BBC, The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph and seeking a better way to integrate the herb into his diet, David Spencer-Percival, a National Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year winner, created No. 1 Rosemary Water.

“I was so inspired by the story of Acciaroli and even visited the town with my wife Bonita”, he says, “but I wasn’t really looking to eat dried rosemary every day. I thought it would be better consumed another way and thought ‘What about a drink?’ and the idea developed from there. Our goal was to get the plant’s unique and extraordinary health benefits into an enjoyable beverage you could drink every day, and I’m delighted that we’ve accomplished that.”

The drink compromises of just two ingredients and no additives: ethically sourced pure rosemary botanical extract and pure springwater. The process of extracting the naturally forming, bioactive compounds in fresh rosemary is a strictly controlled and time-consuming process administered by botanical scientists, and the optimal blend was achieved only after considerable research and trials to perfect the extractions and correct levels of active compounds.

One penny from every bottle sold will be donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK, the leading Alzheimer’s Research charity.

To learn more about No. 1 Rosemary Water and purchase still or sparkling bottles, visit:

No. 1 Rosemary Water will also be available exclusively in Harvey Nichols stores nationwide and online at RRP €3.95 for the 330ml and €4.95 for the 750ml.

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