Forrest Point – Rustic Restaurant Bar in Brooklyn NY

Pynck correspondant Jennifer O’Neill takes us on a special food experience in a unique restaurant and bar in Bushville, Brooklyn, New York. Forrest Point is a chic casual restaurant bar, very rustic and fun!

Ambitious creativity is what allows Forrest Point to stand out among the budding movement of casual restaurants and bars in Bushwick.

On the menu is some of the best cuisine that cast-iron cookware has to offer, an original take on Middle-Eastern cuisine that includes decadent burgers, a stand-out roasted eggplant sandwich with halloumi cheese, chicken fried oysters and Valrhona ganache s’mores with toasted marshmallows bursting out of the skillet.

For more information, menu, location, etc. visit


Credit to Jennifer O’Neill for this piece.

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