The Calvin Klein Collection AW/17

The Calvin Klein collection AW/17 embodies 19th century American West. Models sported stylised yoke, guaybera-esque shirts, cowboy boots and to complete the look, western blankets. However, CK collection provides a modern twist due to the range of eye catching colours; sky blue, lemon yellow and chili red, the fact that the cow boy boots had diamanté heels and the introduction of satin on satinto provide a softer edge to the classic look. The introduction of polar necks is also novel and gives the look a more candid appeal.

The use of texture was similarly explored as models had tasselled leather bags or fur pompoms to really accentuate the satin, however the explosive colours made them statement pieces such as electric blue and silver. Equally the length of the tassels ensured that they were bags not to be ignored.

A range of saturated colour was also a clear factor in the collection in order to keep the look updated and eye catching.


It was as if the collection was an ode to the Old West: Gingham suits paired with elegant cashmere trench coat, Scarlett O’Hara lace up leather boots, double denim but with updated patterns and flared doll skirts. However, the use of latex, leather and iconic print T shirts ensure that these are a modern take on dated fashion; an appreciation of the history of fashion without copying.

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Sarah Cameron

Author and Social Media Correspondent

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