The Latest Tadashi Shoji Collection

Tadashi’s collection is true to its title – ready to wear FASHION. We all know the moment when someone walks into a room and their outfit is not just flattering but simultaneously extremely fashionable. Tadashi Shoji hits the nail on the head with pop sugar fur coats, vibrant metallic pinstripe suits, off the shoulder figure hugging velvet dresses, high neck, floor length pieces with flirtatious sheer patterns.

Shoji reports that he was “inspired by the youth revolutions of the late ’60s and ’70s—from Tokyo to Paris to New York” which we can see through the use of retro florals and wavy locks with bangs which embodies rock and roll chic.

The collection is the ultimate feminine sexy hybrid. Shoji achieves this through floral satin patterns on cigarette trousers and pairs with a sheer Victorian shirt with a silk scarf tie on the arm to infuse a kind of girlishness which contrasts to the exposure of the models chest.

The elaborate material of Shoji’s collection is what gives it the regal status but also he hits the sweet spot of powerful yet fresh through the contrast of velvet to billowing silk. According to Vogue’s Nick Remsen the collection embodies “Sansa Stark with a hearty dash of ’70s/’80s-style prom-ready glitz”.

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Sarah Cameron

Author and Social Media Correspondent

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