Jo Malone English Fields

Jo Malone English Fields

Jo Malone London is back with a stunning spring time capsule collection of scents inspired by the English springtime fields. Originally a collection of 5 (one scent has sold out already!), there are four stunning scents to choose from, all in beautifully crafted, limited edition bottles.

Green Wheat and Meadowsweet is a pretty, crisp and fresh fragrance, “full of the joys of spring”. Oat and Cornflower is a warm and sensual scent, Primrose and Rye, a summery scent, slightly coconut-y and Honey and Crocus a rich comforting scrumptious fragrance.

From left: Green Wheat & Meadowsweet, Oat & Cornflower, Primrose & Rye, Honey & Crocus. 


How to combine

As with all Jo Malone London scents, they are designed to be combined to create a truly personal scent. The Basil and Neroli body crème works perfectly to freshen the scents up, perfect for a daytime scent, while the beautiful English Oak and Redcurrant works great for a rich evening scent.

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